Thursday, July 23, 2009

DAY 4 Walter-Responds to Jabo question

The neighborhood is a very unique place to grow up in. There are all kinds of neighborhoods’ each one having different cultures and race.  My very own neighborhood is a great place that influences who I am and what kind of person I am. I grew up and still live in a Latino neighborhoods were there is drug dealing, shootings, gangbanging, people fighting, yelling and the list goes on. I for one am not involved in these activities. My neighborhood is whom I am a proud Mexican with lots to show, it has made me stronger to fight for what I believe and has turn my soul into a artist taking photographs of how my people live there everyday from selling corn at the corner or selling paletas.

            I have uncles how are hard-core drug user and dealers; I have aunts that take care of six kids and each one a year apart. I have cousins who are loyal to the gang life popping and killing there own race some are dead others are in jail. This place that I call home and hood is a place that made me into an artist taking photographs of my people, kids, and the gang life; has made me a graffiti artist painting walls showing trying to escape and get away from drugs. It had taking me to the limits of showing people who I am and this is what I am a philosopher, artist, and a greater loyal person. I want to show what kind of things influence me to do my art and take care of culture and myself. 

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