Wednesday, August 12, 2009

honestly i feel like i wont stick to my plan of keeping a journal everday my life is kinda built keepiing a journal . being an artist it is important for i need to write out my feelings and ideas . my feelings need to be expressed so i can learn from my mistakes and others to make me the bst person ever and my ideas need to be wrtten so i wont forget, develop and articulate them. the second thing i thing is finding a respectful roommate i have seen i lot court tv where roomates sue each other for stuff . i hope they don't party all the time bring friends over with out letting me know . the third is getting dick hole teachers . i have have had my hand full of teachers and the worst ones just dont give a damn . or personality wise nosey. things i am excited about is moving out of my house finally i have been waiting for this moment for 6 years . i love my mother and grand mother but and man needs his own space . i am tired of following their conradicting rules . as soon as i turn 18 they told me i can do what ever i want. well when i started to do what i wanted to do they ignored what they said . getting to know chicago better . i love my city and i need

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