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day 4 response Amanda

The environment that one lives in can shape the identity of the individual. I live in a quiet neighborhood between eighteen street and Throop in Chicago, Illinois. However, things have always been has perfect as expected. I lived in my area for over fifteen years and the crimes inflicted within the neighborhood were severe, many parents would not allow their children outside after seven o’clock. Gunshots would fire at the every angle and you would smell the rubber from the tires as cars race by. Police began to patrol every neighborhood in sight. At that moment, I knew that what happened in the neighborhood would not interfere in the way I live my life. Day by day I see the same people committing devious acts, trying to hustle one another and never knew how to move onto something better for themselves and remain a delinquent. I promised myself that I would never want to be someone who be recognized as a deviant. Despite of all every bad memory or feeling that I experienced in my life, one thing my neighborhood has inspired to be is someone who thrives to be herself and pursue my goals as a successful individual.

Answer Day 4 Malcolm

The neighborhood I live in does influence who I was as a person. In my life I was influenced by my mother, father, people in church and school, but we all still had problems, money, jobs, family etc. me and my friends admired the drug dealers growing up. Getting all the money, nice cars, girls they appeared to be happier than us working a dead beat 9 to 5. it was the older we got the more we wanted that money that power all the perks that came with being that person, as kids in the hood with nothing, just getting by you become very materialistic. Who has the new Jordan’s the coolest shirt, seeing people with that at a young age open your eyes to so much. The neighborhood influenced my life because I saw a drug dealer like, man he cool I want to be cool like that he got a white tee I got one, he got huge jeans I get huge, he wearing forces I’m wearing forces. That wasn’t just me it was all of us in the neighborhood, we knew about gangs even tried to join, but we to young it’s a life they tell us to avoid. I just see these cool guys living the life, we can’t join we just gone make our own. Did what they did, jump people rob other kids; we were there grade school twins. Influenced us until we moved, started having pip dreams of something more. Becoming a musician, doctors, and lawyers, some stayed in the hood held on to those dope boy fantasies. My neighborhood influenced a great deal of my life, the reason I made many bad but also some good decisions. My neighborhood was the influence until I found a passion in music.

Day 4 Answer: Matt Singleton

The neighborhood I live in is nothing special. Don’t get me wrong, I do like it, but it’s nothing that you haven’t really seen outside of your normal suburban households. So with that in mind, I don’t see how my neighborhood could have influenced me as a person. I suppose the best I can do is describe my neighborhood and say why it has no influence over me. I live in a relatively unknown city south of Chicago called Crete. Inside of Crete, there’s a small suburb called Willowbrook. It’s the type of neighborhood where all of the street signs have names like deer run, lakeside trail, and timberline court. If I had to describe it in one word, I’d call it prude. It’s a pretty “American Dream” kind of suburb. Fresh cut grass, tall trees, and mid-size houses are what you would see all over. So that’s why I find it hard to be influenced by it, it’s just a little bit too perfect. As I said before, I don’t have a problem with it; it’s a privilege to live in such a nice place, and to feel safe most of the time, but that fact that it has no influence over me is kind of bothersome. I’d like to be able to say that my neighborhood had a part to do with who I am today, but not everyone can say that, unless maybe you’ve lived there your whole life, which I didn’t. Hopefully, one day I will be able to change this answer.

well I my environment I was trying not to become a product of it but I know to much an eney one can see that some thing was wrong with it  but how was I to try to change eney thing but I was told the the best way to change was around u is to change your self first but I seem to have to sides like evey one else but I fight with south sides evey day the picture I pick to day is an artist vows of that I have seen a lot weir from but sadly I don’t think their is no way to change that environment that is one of the resins way I wanna get out of it I  some times hate it an some times I love it so I have a love hate relationship with it if that make sines but the south side of Chicago hepelt me become what i`am to day an i can oley get better so i would love to change my hood but cant change it but I’m getting out of it  so I don’t care 

DAY 4 Walter-Responds to Jabo question

The neighborhood is a very unique place to grow up in. There are all kinds of neighborhoods’ each one having different cultures and race.  My very own neighborhood is a great place that influences who I am and what kind of person I am. I grew up and still live in a Latino neighborhoods were there is drug dealing, shootings, gangbanging, people fighting, yelling and the list goes on. I for one am not involved in these activities. My neighborhood is whom I am a proud Mexican with lots to show, it has made me stronger to fight for what I believe and has turn my soul into a artist taking photographs of how my people live there everyday from selling corn at the corner or selling paletas.

            I have uncles how are hard-core drug user and dealers; I have aunts that take care of six kids and each one a year apart. I have cousins who are loyal to the gang life popping and killing there own race some are dead others are in jail. This place that I call home and hood is a place that made me into an artist taking photographs of my people, kids, and the gang life; has made me a graffiti artist painting walls showing trying to escape and get away from drugs. It had taking me to the limits of showing people who I am and this is what I am a philosopher, artist, and a greater loyal person. I want to show what kind of things influence me to do my art and take care of culture and myself. 

day 4 answer kwamain

The neighborhood I live in does not influence the type of person I am. My neighborhood if anything is inspired by me. As if a mother who would tell her child something over and over but he doesn’t listens to any of her commands or follow her instructions. She would have to show him how she would want him to live. If someone who was not on the right path to life and there was another person opposite to that person they can’t spend a lifetime trying to convince the person with the lifestyle of living wrong by continually nagging. His lifestyle would reflect him and what he stands for because easily he will start to see the places his life is headed by hard work and dedication, he also will see the achievements he is making my and the things he’s gaining such as car, well earned money, favor with others in high places. Just seeing the things that someone who is close to him coming from the same place he’s coming from this would motivate him. Making him realize if he can do it then why shouldn’t I. Nagging at someone will not get the point across half of the times but by them seeing how far you have gotten form so little and barley nothing gaining your prosperity and achievements will actually speak louder than your words. That’s where I fall in place, by the way I carry myself, the respect I have for others, and defiantly the love I have for myself and Christ I think it would be fair to say I humbly influence my neighborhood.

Day 4 Kevin Scott Answer to Jabo's question

The neighborhood that I lived in kind of influenced me from watching other people live their lives individually but a small group of people come together and one person might say hey that’s cool and someone else might say that’s cool too and I think we do that because we lack knowledge and we don’t know what we want out of life. We think someone else has the answers to our problems without searching for it ourselves. I’m going to say yes I grew up in Chicago on the west Side and what I saw and heard (people doing drugs and using slang) from there I took that with me to the suburbs. I was young and na├»ve and I did not know what I needed; only what I thought I wanted. I used to wear the clothes that everyone else wore: the long white tees and the big saggy pants and listened to the music that everyone else listened too. Now I have matured and I now live in aurora. I live on eola, which is an hour from Chicago and the effect there is very peaceful, all races live there and we communicate and try to get to know one another. So I am influenced by the peacefulness in aurora. The kids are disciplined no one is lost and everyone there has a purpose and a future and that draws me.

DArius Strickland answer to jabo

most definitly these last couple of years my neighborhood ha changed dramatically for my alderman signed a section 8 bill allowing hundreds of section 8 people to come in . there has gun shots gallure breaks in and a whole lot of fighting . it all started around 2006 when my mother and i started to notice unfamilar faces walking past everyday . "who are these ruff necks walking pasxt my house" my mother would say . "looking all crazy like they just left a fight or something . now dont get us wrong we welcome fresh faces anytime but they wouldnt speak to us or nothing just walk and stare like we invading their neighborhood . buying a gun and moving has ran across my mind several times . every night i make sure my grandmother is in safe and my windows our locked . also we bought 2 dogs .

Day 4: Lola Ogbara

In my life, have moved from neighborhood to neighborhood, place-to-place, and I can honestly say while residing in each one of these places, I have been influenced. One of the neighborhoods that I had lived in before was an area called Englewood. It was supposedly one of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago, Illinois. The environment made me realize that I didn’t want to be like the people around. Simple minded. Another neighborhood that I had lived in was a college campus in Edwardsville, Illinois. The environment was full of smart, intelligent people who were trying to make something of their life and were going places. My experience there made me realize that I can too. I too can attend a college, graduate, and become the person a want to be, a successful graphic designer.

day 4 kevin question

I do not do an lot of thing for my neighborhood but i do some little things like helping keep the streets clean and help with other thing like helping keep the grass looking nice.

Day 4 Nelson answer

The neighborhood I live in has a lot to do with who I am today.  My neighborhood pertains to many neighborhoods; I feel that my neighborhood is more of the nation as a whole rather than one specific town.  I grew up in multiple places so each place has had a great affect on me. In Chicago, the influences that strongly stuck with me were that everybody is unique; everyone has their own stories of life, and their own problems.  It did not matter how much money you had, or how cool your shoes were, as a kid it was about how cool you were, or how friendly and social you were.  In Puerto Rico, it was about fitting in and how your clothes looked.  In Texas, it was how good at sports were you.  In Florida, it was all about money and cars.  I mostly prefer Chicago because there is no place like it in the world.  Chicago has probably influenced me the most and is still the greatest place to be.  I always felt like an outsider to every city I was in, but that was because not a lot of kids have lived in other places so as far as being unique I pretty much top the bunch.  My influences come from every corner of my neighborhoods, each and every one of them. The influences that I have experienced shall stick with me til the end and will have a great deal of what I am and who I become later in the future.

day 4 Jabo

I am pretty fortunate to live in a good safe town with good schools and no real gang members’ just kids that act like they are “gangstas”. I wouldn’t say my neighborhood has influenced me much, mostly because people tend to be really stuck up and snotty. I suppose in a way it influenced me to be better to people that they are to me. Living there has showed me that even though you have got out of “bad” neighborhoods doesn’t mean the people in the “good” neighborhoods are going to treat you any better. What I have noticed is that people in the nice suburbs will be nice to you face but if the people in the nice suburbs don’t like you they will say bad things about you behind you back to everyone else they know and before you know it people have prejudged you as a person before you have even met them. Living there has taught me never trust what people say about others until you meet them for yourself then you can form your own opinions about them. Also in those neighborhoods the people tend to be very exclusive and keep certain people out of the loop when it comes to parties because that’s just how snotty some suburb people can be. So in a way its great to have the safety and security of living in a town like that, but also it’s a drag to have to deal with snotty stuck up people who think they are better than you and never give you much of a chance.

Taylor Cole

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Day 4 Kevin's question

Try to put yourself in Lealan and Lloyd's shoes. out of all the wrong that has been done in their neighborhood such as drugs, violence and troubled youth have you ever tried to change something in your neighborhood for the better?

day 4 jabo

Does the neighborhood you live in influence who you are as an person? If so, to what extent?