Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Darius strickland prompt

here we have a pic from the movie their will be blood which is about a business tycoon that works so hard that it results in his son's death. he feels so gulty about it that goes to a strict religous preacher to relieve him of his sins . i choose this pic because it represents the behavior of my culture. my family grew up in a strict church that believe in laying hands like this now thank god i wasnt around when any of this happen but iam shape from the past of it. it represents controlling establishments . the different rules that had to be obeyed or you were going to hell and punished. thankfully i my church has grew out that mentality for we are a welcoming churh and less punishing we are now probaly more understandin and patient . less judging we are a more free place. we welcome new ideas . and steady progress

And I picture because this is a rill war picture


A big thing going on that I have to put up with in my life is violence. In Chicago a lot of people is getting killed  for some of the smallest thing like the color you have on some people are even getting killed for just walking pass a group of boys  that they know its hard in the streets right now you cant even go see a friend on the bus because when you get off the bus and you don’t know someone it a chance you going to get jump on or killed 

The concrete example that I picked is the death of my grandma. When I was young, I was always following her around. Everywhere she went I was there. We had a natural bond with each other. Growing older we became best friends. I told her a lot of details about my life that I never even shared with my mom. When she passed away in 2004, it felt like a part of me died as well. 

Walter Prompt Answer:

Everyone has cultural pride in them selves and in there community. I was born in Chicago and live in California for two years. Growing up there two years made me see how the cultural is complete different from here to over there. The Latino cultural has much more pride and honor for there background history than people on this side of the country. The Latinos in California created unique ways to show there pride for there history threw having low riders. I never saw anything so unique than this. Here in Chicago we have the Mexican parade only once a year. Over there is like seeing the Mexican cultural or any Latino culture expressing there history threw cars fixed in colors Mayan and Aztec art.

I come from a place were gangs fight over turf and drug money. Dressing really baggy and looking like their clothes where given to them by their older brothers.  I have never like this ideal concept of the modern gang. While spending the time in California being in a gang was being a cholo being part of them meant honor and love for your background and your cultural history. I choose the low-rider image to show the honor these people have. The low-rider was invented in the 1920 when the Latinos were able to buy cars, after experiencing the great depression. There cars will get old and so in that process they turn the cars adding their own details and touches. From this invention and way of expression they as well come out with the low-rider bikes turning old bikes into modern cultural seen.  Each image shows how the Latino cultural came up with ways to show their pride for there culture.





Day 11: Lola Ogbara

Both pictures that I have chosen represent money and the pursuit of happiness. The first picture was taken in the 1920’s during the depression. This to me is people trying to find a way out of the depression by any means necessary after the stock market crashed. The people photoed in the picture are standing in line for what appears to be a “fix” for America’s economy. They are desperate for happiness and this is their way of trying to pursuit that after a major financial decrease.


My second picture is of the world known icon, rapper, and entrepreneur, Sean Combs. Also known as P. Diddy. Anyone who knows him knows that he is very wealthy. In this picture, he’s getting out of a helicopter with two other model-looking females.  All three are well dressed for what seems to be an important event. This picture to most may represent money and/or happiness. It’s not everyday that you see an average Joe hopping out of a helicopter with two models. 

Day 11 Malcolm

A concrete example of a dream becoming reality is Michael Jordan. He went from being cut from the high school basketball team to being one of the most influential players in the game. His dream was to play basketball after being cut he did everything he had to do to become better so when he got off that bench for the first time and the worlds jaw dropped as a legend was born.
This second picture is of a homeless person because it was probably not his dream to be sleeping on a concrete sidewalk. This man many have wanted to be a lawyer or a doctor. Maybe something just happened or he didn’t work hard enough but

I pick the picture of the solders with the guns because to me that is a clear view of what war isthough it’s a comic book

Day 11: Matt Singleton

The concrete example that I chose were two of my dreams, for the abstract of fear. I’ve never really been the type of person who has bad dreams, but recently they’ve been appearing a bit more. They’re never falling dreams or anything like that. Mine are usually of more devastating proportions. The first I had wasn’t horrible, a meteor crashed into the middle of a city, and I woke up in the clouds. It wasn’t heaven, but a different kind of paradise with Christmas presents, which was weird, but not horrible. The second one, which is one of the pictures I’ve posted, the best I could find anyways, had me driving with someone I knew, who I can’t remember, and a man that I didn’t know. We were driving down a relatively quiet express way and the area was very tan, sandy, but without the sand. As we drove, we could see the overpass ahead of us, and all of a sudden this giant orb falls through the sky and lands way ahead of us. The dust and debris rush toward us, and then the dream went white. What made it so terrifying was the fact that I could feel the heat when it hit us. It didn’t burn, but it was extremely warm.
The third dream I had was a little less extreme, but scary none the less. The details on the dream are sketchy, but what I really remember was a large fire tornado surrounded by three flaming pillars. Everything around me was red, and all of the people around were in a huge panic. Then the dream ended. The dreams keep me up when I have them, but now it’s almost like I’m anticipating the next one, because as scary as they are, the ideas they give me for my drawings and writing are superb.

day 11

It can be assumed that everyone would like to be happy. However, the moment an ad crosses your eyes you begin to wonder about it. Stated in the picture, Prozac is the ideal way to cure the symptoms of depression. The inventor for the drug demonstrates their desire to promote their sense in curing depression. In some cases one may say anti-depressants work, for others they do not. In a general term the media exploits our minds as individuals to believing their product works but in a sense of realizing their side effects it is being ignored by the dollar sign behind it. Not only has technology been able to promote toxic images for the human brain but they take pleasure in living off of the audiences’ vulnerability. Besides using medication as a cure for depression there are support groups to speak about a certain problem you want to get off your chest. It would be more natural to express individuality by being creative and finding a support system rather then rely on using money to pay for toxic drugs. In my opinion, I'd rather play soccer
and take out my aggression kicking the ball in different directions then exposing my brain to a drug that I am unaware of how it would react to.

Taylor day 11

The concrete idea I have chosen is a part of my idenity, that is rock music specifically AC/DC. People who know me always associate me with rock music and ACDC they are my favorite band of a genre that heavily represents my look and the style in which I play my own music.

The first image is a picture from the Black Ice world tour. I chose this picture because it really shows the energy and style that I bring to everyday life that I have adopted through my love of rock music. 

The second picture is from the very funny and famous movie Spinal Tap. I chose this image as well because it symbolizes the part of rock music I do not wish to be a part of. For those who have not seen this movie it is about a band of idiotic drug using rock stars and their path to fame. I am not saying I don't want to be famous because that would be a lie, but I do not ever wish to become a uneducated druggie with only one purpose in life.

T he concrete example of these two images that I’m using is row model. Barrack Obama Is the person I look up to as a row model he represents to me focused male and a loving oriented man. Barrack Obama graduated from his school top of the line and later on became senator of Illinois. His past has helped him become the man he is today. Encountering the past career he has being a senator you at least have to be 30 years of age and require more than twenty-five years of age with a degree, I imagine that it has you have to had major in some type of law political science classes. Having to pass college on top after being through a lot in his life such as losing his mother, finding his heritage, being a mixed kid in a rural area coming up. but whatever he did to show that he was tact it and overcame it discipline himself to achieve. That s why I say he I dedicated, hardworking and it’s only a little of his ethics he portrayed. Now in order to overcome everything he has been through says that he was pretty focus individual. The second paragraph will go into how he’s a loving oriented male, the way his wife and himself approaches the stage with their children by his side. They coordinate a lot the pound that she gives him, shows that he’s very loving. Obama is someone that I’m able to look up to. that why he Is my row model.

Day 11 Kevin Scott

I chose fear and it's something that people everyday tend to deal with on an everyday basis. It brings me to a place in my old neighborhood on the west side of Chicago. When i was living there my parents did not like the neighborhood that much because of the violence and the drugs that were being sold and used in the streets. So they would usually let me play outside but when the street lights came on we would have to go back in the house for my parents to secure safety. It was like that for a lot of the children in our community.
I chose the coffin pic because where i used to live in Chicago there was usual news about someone that died. Death was everywhere around my old neighborhood. One sunny Monday morning my cousin Johnnie was driving me home and we stopped by the citgo on Washington boulevard and there were 5 people standing over a dead body and it was sad.
I chose the fear pic because most of the kids in Chicago could dream all day but fear would always pull them down for example if you lived in a dangerous neighborhood full of prostitutes, gun violence and no parenting gang surrounding get a hold of you and they dont know how to say no and go after their dream.

Example for Day 11 Prompt: Aaron.

The concrete example from my life experiences that I picked is my great-grandfather, who was in the Klan back in the 1920s. Though I never saw him in robes or even learned of his involvement until I was older, this involvement of one of my family members in such a hate group causes the images of bigotry in America to strike home for me in real and literal ways. Below are my two images that connect to my concrete example.

So, I'm not going to complete the exercise, but if I were going to, I would now write one paragraph about a historical image of the Klan from the time period that my great-grandfather was involved with that movement, the 1920s (top image). I would then type another paragraph about my second image, one that would describe this more contemporary -- from my time, per se -- representation from (larger) macro-American pop-culture (image below). This is a video capture of Ed Norton starring in the film American History X. Perhaps I would describe how this image better represents the racism that I have encountered in my life experiences, and how that subculture has morphed and changed from my great-grandfathers time, which pre-dates Nazism in Germany, into my time, my cultural moment. Get to work.

Day 11 Prompt: Aaron.

Ok, now that you have come up with some concrete examples, I would like for you to find some further concrete examples, albeit in a different medium. In our classroom time you completed some work to ground ABSTRACT cultural values and themes with/into CONCRETE examples and actual experiences -- with/into representations -- from your own life and community along with some from your text.

Now, do the following:

1 - Pick one of the CONCRETE EXAMPLES from your list # 4 -- NOT one or any of your abstractions. You should identify this CONCRETE EXAMPLE in the first sentence of this Blog response.

2 - Post your two images.

3 - Now, the remainder of your reponse will assume the form of two paragraphs. One paragraph will explain and analyze how one image stands as a representation of the conconcrete example that you picked from your list #4, and your second paragraph will do the exact same for your other image.

4 - Get started, because this is healthy amount of work. Don't waste time.

5 - Above is my example. Check it out, quickly.