Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 11 Kevin Scott

I chose fear and it's something that people everyday tend to deal with on an everyday basis. It brings me to a place in my old neighborhood on the west side of Chicago. When i was living there my parents did not like the neighborhood that much because of the violence and the drugs that were being sold and used in the streets. So they would usually let me play outside but when the street lights came on we would have to go back in the house for my parents to secure safety. It was like that for a lot of the children in our community.
I chose the coffin pic because where i used to live in Chicago there was usual news about someone that died. Death was everywhere around my old neighborhood. One sunny Monday morning my cousin Johnnie was driving me home and we stopped by the citgo on Washington boulevard and there were 5 people standing over a dead body and it was sad.
I chose the fear pic because most of the kids in Chicago could dream all day but fear would always pull them down for example if you lived in a dangerous neighborhood full of prostitutes, gun violence and no parenting gang surrounding get a hold of you and they dont know how to say no and go after their dream.

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