Tuesday, August 11, 2009

day answer by kwamain to arons post

Three areas that I struggle in are my study habits, procrastinating and being caution. They all relate which results in to time and much discipline. This is something that can become a problem for me into the fall semester in Columbia College. As soon as I get home or away from the school building I take a deep a breathe and relax. The relaxation that I feel gets me comfortable and a state of mind of rest which makes me fall asleep. Easily makes me lazy then next thing you know I’m distracted by what catches my mind and eye. The second I reach home It’s like comfort and recovery from the effort I put into my day.The second thing I’m curious about is how and when I’m going to meet my lifetime friends. It’s a saying that says your high school friends are not the friends you are going to grow with but the ones you meet in college is the ones you are going to be destined with. So I think about the day when I will run into them. How is going to be when we figure that we are a capatible mate when is the day and time we are going to meet. What will they or he think about me will we be an unbreakable force what will be the interest we will have. Every day I’m on the lookout but I do try to be patient.the third thing I have questions about is will it take me more time on my papers and class assignments to complete. It takes me to study or sit in quietness in order to focus but when given an assignment or being taught a lesson while being rushes I get disappointed and idmmdietly feel intimidated a defeated. When I don’t get the work the feeling is kind of like I just sinked in a pool or deep ocean.In spite of all that I recently mentioned I feel those very things will be the very thing that will help me on way t success. It will prepare me, motivate me and defiantly be a contribution towards my graduation.

well I’m stuck on just getting in right now then I need to pay for it after that It would be keeping up with the work study habits an not having to much fun other wise I think I would be ok I have come to the fact that I my self have to tack evey thing one day at a time or I will just get lazy an not care it happens to me often so I got a be ezey about some of this subject its just the way I am   


1. Math classes 2. Being away from home 3. Money Math classes have always been a struggle for me, because I lack some of the beginning skills necessary to move on, but I do fine in algebra, geometry, and trig I’m just worried that the lack of skill will eventually hinder me. Im not worried about being away from home just being away from my sister, and her having to deal with high school drama. Money is another thing that im anxious about always have been. Making sure I have enough to live the way I like to live 4. Intro to Audio 5. Production 6. Chicago I’m excited about these because they are new experiences in a new and unfamiliar place surrounded by other people who love what there doing. I was told I would love Chicago and would meet so many people.

Matt: Spring Semester

Well, I’m not coming in for the fall semester, so I‘m not that worried about anything financially. This way, coming into the spring semester will give me much more time to work on my financial aid a bit more, and give me a leg up with grants and scholarships. I think it’s a pretty good idea on my part. There are a few things I’m worried about when actually starting though. Studying has always been hard for me. I can never sit in one spot and read, unless I’m truly interested in it. So I’m a little bit worried about that, because I know that in college studying is a big part of getting good grades. I’m definitely going to have to work on it. I’m also a little concerned about housing. I don’t think it’ll be hard to get a dorm, but paying for it may be an issue. I can only hope my dad will help me pay for it, because commuting would be annoying. I’m commuting for the bridge program, and it would be so much simpler to live on campus. Depending on what the topic is, I may or may not be worried about writing. On some topics, I can easily fly through them, but on others I tend to just stare at my computer “trying” to think of a decent introduction, or middle, or conclusion. It tends to stress me out, especially if it ends up being five or more pages. I’m anticipating a lot for the spring semester. I’ve been looking forward to college for quite some time. My math class will be easy as long as I pay attention. I really enjoy math as long as I understand it, I always understand if I pay attention. I’m looking forward to joining some kind of club as well. I’m not sure what’s available, but I would definitely join some kind of writing club, or drama club, maybe even a chess club if there is one. I really want to room with someone. I think the idea of living on a floor with people you’ve never met, and developing friendships is great. If it’s anything like the movies, it’ll be quite an experience.

Slacking off. Nelson

Three struggles that I have, pertaining to Columbia college of Chicago would be my acceptance of the loans, being able to be dedicated to doing my work outside of school, and trying to keep my job and school time divided.

            The acceptance of my loan is one of my main worries, since I was denied a plus loan.  My parents have awful credit, so it is hard for me to get money for school.  I feel that if you have no credit it should be looked at as good credit towards school loans because how is a person that enters college around eighteen able to establish credit, if no one gives them a chance. Also, you barely receive eligibility to get credit at eighteen and your supposed to have good credit in a matter of a few months, which is next to impossible. 

            My next worry is towards me being dedicated to doing my work when I am not in school.  I have always had trouble getting my homework done since I am very easily distracted.  My house is always busy and everybody there is usually very interactive with each other making it harder to concentrate.  The reason why I did not do so well in Morton West high school was that when it came to doing homework, I would constantly slack off. 

            My last worry is being able to divide my time between my job and school.  Now I know work comes after school, but I still need to work.  I need the money and no one is going to help me if I do not make money.  Although in the end, my school is the main priority and anything that gets in the way has to get eliminated immediately.  

            My main weakness in school is my determination to do the work after class is over.  I tend to slack off after school and not think about the consequences until class starts up again and I have no work to give.

            My strengths in school are my good test taking skills.  I have always been able to do good on tests, that was probably the main reason how I passed high school when I was younger.  I would slack the whole semester, and then when the final came I would just study and ace it.


WALTER: Fall Semester

Elementary school and high school does not compare to my new challenge, Collage! I never actually thought I would make it this far. By experiencing the bridge program I felt the pressure of starting school loosen. I am not scared to start school am actually excited I want to begin school. I mean you figure you made it this far it doesn’t hurt struggling doing homework doing projects, its life if I really want this I must accomplish. However I am scared to do my math classes I am very horrible with numbers I tend to flip my numbers a lot. I mean its going to be a struggle for me but I am not in high school were I can just easily not do the work. It will all depend on me. Math is the only problem but I am ready. I want this challenge I want to write these 15 pages essay I want to experience, meet new people, be out there and enjoy what I have at the moment.  I actually don’t care if I fit in or don’t I am here to achieve what I want to be, and I am not letting fashion or letting me people tell what.

            I actually want to see the club I want to join some of them, maybe they can help me to throw my art out there and help me get my name out there. I actually think I will do fine with school work I have made my schedule not back to back that way I have some time to relax and actually get some work done. I want this new year this new beginning last I want to face the challenges that are ahead.       

Lola Ogbara's Answer

Struggle number one: Procrastination.

I seem to procrastinate a lot. It all started my senior year of high school. I had a strong case of senioritis. I rarely ever did homework, I was careless about in class projects, and I would usually forget about school once I left for the day. I never did these things while I was a lower classmen. Some of my bad habits are still with me and I’m trying to break free of them. As much as I try to get rid of this habit, Procrastination seems to stick with me.

Struggle number two: Leaving Family.

My mother lives in Alton, Illinois, southern Illinois. I used to live down there with her but I recently moved back to Chicago the day after I graduated from high school.  Even though we are apart right now, I still manage to call home and tell her about how my day is going. It’s hard now because I’m not actually officially enrolled at Columbia so I become restless or really bored. That leads me to think more of my mother and little brother. I know that once I get situated in college and in the dorms that it would be better but I still think it would be hard going through this process without them.

Struggle number three: Laziness.

I tend to get lazy with any kind of work, whether it’s schoolwork, housework, or having a job.


Success number one: School Work.

I plan on trying my best in college. I know I would probably get a little distracted but once I realize that I need to do this to succeed in life, I will get back in gear. I also want to be involved. I want to join some kind of club or organization since I’ve never really partaken in one in high school.

Success number two:  Being Social.

I’ve always been a quiet soul with a laid-back aura. I plan on keeping my aura but I want to be more sociable. I feel like life passes me by sometimes because I keep to myself a lot. I want to make friends and not just stick to one type of friend.

Success number three: Artwork.

I want to expand my horizons in art. I plan on building a portfolio that I can take to any company at a job interview. I also want to become a better artist and perfect my skills in my area of work, which is painting, photography, designing, and drawing. I’m good now but I definitely think I can be better.

Struggle Vs. Success

My 3 Struggles:

  1. 1.     I am worried about my schedule. I picked classes and didn’t consider the locations of the different campuses. I have a class that I have less than 10 minutes to get to but the distance is about 10 minutes away.
  2. 2.     In a way, I am also worried about my English class because I don’t believe that English writing is one of my strong points. I struggle with my creative side sometimes and I do plan to get tutoring, if necessary.
  3. 3.     I am currently having housing issues because I couldn’t get my deposit money in time. So I will most likely be commuting from the west side to downtown everyday by train.

My 3 Successes:

  1. 1.     As far as my major goes, I don’t believe I will have any problems because I’ve wanted to sing ever since I can remember. I was probably about 10 or 11 when I heard myself sing aloud.
  2. 2.     I’m looking forward to making new friends. I’m quiet and laid back, but at the same time, I’m a very outgoing person and I get along with just about any and everybody.
  3. 3.     I believe this coming semester will have many activities to look forward to. 

day 14 kevin scott promt

I think my 3 top struggles are going to be 1: staying away from students that are going to be in the way of my studies, like if it's a Friday and i have a test on Monday and i want to study, my roommates would try to make me go all the time. 2: Also i want to have enough money to get a dorm room downtown Chicago so i can have my own freedom like to think like me and not anyone else. 3: Looking for students that love the lord Jesus Christ and someone that i can trust because growing up i had a hard time trusting other people especially downtown. I also want a job that is not going to get in the way of my studies and my classes. I won't have trouble fitting in and i would not care that much if i did not fit in because i like having people around me that i communicate with but only take the conversation to a certain level, not gun talk or drugs or stuff like that. I plan on majoring in marketing and minoring in music advertising other ideas from other people and make music is a great combination. I will be successful I plan to.

day 14

A stuggles i will have is paying for houseing i just dont have the money right now and a weakness is getting more help on my writeing and the anther weakness i will have to work on is asking questions in class ever if the teacher is not cool


How is character produce is it something you are born is it something you are born with , something you pick every day of the week or is it just a matter of what you are going to do or not do then act on it .no one really knows , when i was in high school there was this banner that said "character is what you are when no one is watching " i guess thats true character . the response i choose for my proposal was about me discovery a piece of myself through accident when i did research on a topic that needed that needed to be disscuss mouths open that shouldnt . also my teacher saw a spark in me when asked questions which is how i came up with my thesis . All of our experiences effects us whether large or small to become the person we are today . we have experiences concerning our experiences. situations that happen to our family definlty effects us for we love our family and our attach to them who are us in a way . i believe spirituality is something alot of people have not grasp all the way some have and some havent . in the end this something we have to go after our selves. but those who do go after it seem to be larger than life and hard workers. suchas churches theolgy institutions and brotherhoods. this is something that will effect your identity.. for i know from experiences. whether religious political health wise or sexuaul orientatation, a strong fondation and social identity strengthen a persons character

fall semester

I don't have many worries about the fall semester because I know what to expect because of the bridge program and because I have a little bit of college under my belt already. There is one thing that is on my mind though, and its that there are no sports here and I don't know what I am going to do with any spare time besides clubs. 
I think I'll succeed with all of my ventures here in Columbia, mostly my major. I think I'll do well with that. I think I'll also make friends pretty easy because I'm out going, I also think I'll be able to find my way around campus well. If io don't succeed at most things here I will at least go down trying because you know what they say "Never Die Easy"

Day 14: Aaron's Prompt.

Ok, today's prompt is pretty simple, but we still want you to pay as much attention to detail and specifics as you possibly can. This is important, as it will prepare you for this afternoon's Orientation panel while also helping Katrina and I prepare to offer you further follow-up advice and assistance tomorrow morning. Sound good? Ok.

First, we would like for you to list 3 struggles and or anxieties you have about entering this fall semester, completing the work that will be assigned you, etc. What do you feel like your areas of weakness are? Are you worried about your commute? Computer and/or Internet access? Housing issues, etc? Are you worried about math classes? Writing, etc? Are you worried about fitting in and/or finding like-minded friends to spend your down time with? Number your three struggles as you write and identify each struggle separately in each of your first sentences. You should then explain how and why you feel this struggle has come to mind. Explain your anxieties fully, as always.

Second, complete the same type of list, but now focus on three successes that you're anticipating for the coming semester. Do you feel like you put together a great class schedule with class times that suit you as a person? Do you think you'll do excellent in your history classes? Writing classes? Math classes? Are you excited to join a campus organization or club? Or to volunteer for a group or organization? To play music or act or sing with others whom share the same passions as you, etc? Follow the same model from above, being sure to identify your anticipated successes in each of your first sentences and explain fully how/why you feel the way you do, just as you will for your weaknesses.