Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Matt: Spring Semester

Well, I’m not coming in for the fall semester, so I‘m not that worried about anything financially. This way, coming into the spring semester will give me much more time to work on my financial aid a bit more, and give me a leg up with grants and scholarships. I think it’s a pretty good idea on my part. There are a few things I’m worried about when actually starting though. Studying has always been hard for me. I can never sit in one spot and read, unless I’m truly interested in it. So I’m a little bit worried about that, because I know that in college studying is a big part of getting good grades. I’m definitely going to have to work on it. I’m also a little concerned about housing. I don’t think it’ll be hard to get a dorm, but paying for it may be an issue. I can only hope my dad will help me pay for it, because commuting would be annoying. I’m commuting for the bridge program, and it would be so much simpler to live on campus. Depending on what the topic is, I may or may not be worried about writing. On some topics, I can easily fly through them, but on others I tend to just stare at my computer “trying” to think of a decent introduction, or middle, or conclusion. It tends to stress me out, especially if it ends up being five or more pages. I’m anticipating a lot for the spring semester. I’ve been looking forward to college for quite some time. My math class will be easy as long as I pay attention. I really enjoy math as long as I understand it, I always understand if I pay attention. I’m looking forward to joining some kind of club as well. I’m not sure what’s available, but I would definitely join some kind of writing club, or drama club, maybe even a chess club if there is one. I really want to room with someone. I think the idea of living on a floor with people you’ve never met, and developing friendships is great. If it’s anything like the movies, it’ll be quite an experience.

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