Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lola Ogbara's Answer

Struggle number one: Procrastination.

I seem to procrastinate a lot. It all started my senior year of high school. I had a strong case of senioritis. I rarely ever did homework, I was careless about in class projects, and I would usually forget about school once I left for the day. I never did these things while I was a lower classmen. Some of my bad habits are still with me and I’m trying to break free of them. As much as I try to get rid of this habit, Procrastination seems to stick with me.

Struggle number two: Leaving Family.

My mother lives in Alton, Illinois, southern Illinois. I used to live down there with her but I recently moved back to Chicago the day after I graduated from high school.  Even though we are apart right now, I still manage to call home and tell her about how my day is going. It’s hard now because I’m not actually officially enrolled at Columbia so I become restless or really bored. That leads me to think more of my mother and little brother. I know that once I get situated in college and in the dorms that it would be better but I still think it would be hard going through this process without them.

Struggle number three: Laziness.

I tend to get lazy with any kind of work, whether it’s schoolwork, housework, or having a job.


Success number one: School Work.

I plan on trying my best in college. I know I would probably get a little distracted but once I realize that I need to do this to succeed in life, I will get back in gear. I also want to be involved. I want to join some kind of club or organization since I’ve never really partaken in one in high school.

Success number two:  Being Social.

I’ve always been a quiet soul with a laid-back aura. I plan on keeping my aura but I want to be more sociable. I feel like life passes me by sometimes because I keep to myself a lot. I want to make friends and not just stick to one type of friend.

Success number three: Artwork.

I want to expand my horizons in art. I plan on building a portfolio that I can take to any company at a job interview. I also want to become a better artist and perfect my skills in my area of work, which is painting, photography, designing, and drawing. I’m good now but I definitely think I can be better.

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