Tuesday, August 11, 2009

day 14 kevin scott promt

I think my 3 top struggles are going to be 1: staying away from students that are going to be in the way of my studies, like if it's a Friday and i have a test on Monday and i want to study, my roommates would try to make me go all the time. 2: Also i want to have enough money to get a dorm room downtown Chicago so i can have my own freedom like to think like me and not anyone else. 3: Looking for students that love the lord Jesus Christ and someone that i can trust because growing up i had a hard time trusting other people especially downtown. I also want a job that is not going to get in the way of my studies and my classes. I won't have trouble fitting in and i would not care that much if i did not fit in because i like having people around me that i communicate with but only take the conversation to a certain level, not gun talk or drugs or stuff like that. I plan on majoring in marketing and minoring in music advertising other ideas from other people and make music is a great combination. I will be successful I plan to.

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