Tuesday, August 11, 2009

WALTER: Fall Semester

Elementary school and high school does not compare to my new challenge, Collage! I never actually thought I would make it this far. By experiencing the bridge program I felt the pressure of starting school loosen. I am not scared to start school am actually excited I want to begin school. I mean you figure you made it this far it doesn’t hurt struggling doing homework doing projects, its life if I really want this I must accomplish. However I am scared to do my math classes I am very horrible with numbers I tend to flip my numbers a lot. I mean its going to be a struggle for me but I am not in high school were I can just easily not do the work. It will all depend on me. Math is the only problem but I am ready. I want this challenge I want to write these 15 pages essay I want to experience, meet new people, be out there and enjoy what I have at the moment.  I actually don’t care if I fit in or don’t I am here to achieve what I want to be, and I am not letting fashion or letting me people tell what.

            I actually want to see the club I want to join some of them, maybe they can help me to throw my art out there and help me get my name out there. I actually think I will do fine with school work I have made my schedule not back to back that way I have some time to relax and actually get some work done. I want this new year this new beginning last I want to face the challenges that are ahead.       

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