Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Response #6 Malcolm

Music sometimes draws me away from my family. I’m not drawn apart from my friends because most of my friends are usually with me doing music or working on there on projects. Sometimes it just requires you to be alone, time to think and compose work. There are numerous different sound and techniques, and programs to use; it requires a lot of focus can be confusing at times. What to record should here be effects, what style should it be. Then putting yourself into the song what images do you want to convey, what mood do is being set , what do you want the reader to be thinking about after it’s over. That’s what I think about when I do a song. It should be more than just guns drugs and money. That’s not life for everyone and even if it is your life, it’s something deeper always that can touch someone. My family says that when I go to the studio I always do good work but right after, I’m irritable, moody and just a mean person, if the visit was productive or not. I’m just angry after. The studio became an outlet for me; it brings back past emotions and allows me to reminisce on the past, a different me. That’s how I become drawn away from my family, there’s Malcolm the artist, the performer who experienced it all, and lived that life then there’s also the side of me that’s knows the result of that life style. Being in the studio talking about the past emotionally takes me back to where I was, when I was away from my family

day 4 Answer kwamian

I can recall a time someone was using a dishonest method during a test when I put tremendous time and effort in to studying .the teacher was offering a reward for the top five passing students. I study day and night but I still found myself getting frustrated this agitated me. When it came time to take the test I felt very confident in myself, I was sure to pass under any circumstance. When you in a class you may have those can take a test and pass just reading and reviewing their test once. Then you have those who can take a test and pass after reviewing more than once. Then you have those who can’t comprehend very whale and this causes them to cheat. Whale as tired as it sounds its true. I saw at least more than three students who took their notes being very quitly and alert. They were very good at it yes cheating. After the results were published and graded I just knew I had passed the test. As soon as I got that test I almost cried and I almost tore the paper. Because there I was having the confidence bold and strong. Then they drop quickly as a being bonging jumping. I felt a lack of confidence, sad, burden and defiantly disappointed. When I saw the passing grade of someone who hadn’t study putting the work effort in as I had done I knew that there was no way they could have passed. But they did only using the method of great deception which is cheating. I didn’t expose them because they needed it bad, it seem in order for them to cheat. Yes I was discourage but after while I got over it so.but the one who gotten the high score will have a hard time passing in life if they used this method to get by in life.

day 7 jabo

Something that draws me away from my family and friends but not all the time is music because for the last two years my family have went to wisconsin to this big water park and i did not go because i had an show i would like to go with my family but i can not miss an show because I can miss out on an big label my music is more important to having fun at and water i know my mom was mad but this is my life im working to build so i think if you love music you have to put your over fun missing one show you can miss your big break

Day #7 Response: Lola Ogbara

I love to engage in artistic activities such as painting, photography, drawing, etc. Although these activities are fun for me, they don’t have the same affect on my family. It seems to draw me away from my family. Being that I am an artistic individual and very interested in the arts, no one in my family engages in such activity. I feel like I’m alone in the activities that we participate in as a family because no one shares the same feelings as me about art. They would all think it is just nice or cute but that’s as far as it goes.

            As far as friends go, I pick them wisely. Because that, I feel as though my friends and I are on the same page as far as activities we engage in and what we like to do for fun. We are all on the same level, sort of like a “creative posse”. We all share the same artistic views and intellectual innovation. 

            Even though loving to engage in arts draws me away from family, I don’t see myself stopping. In fact, I would engage in these activities more and try to perfect my skill in the arts.  Hopefully in the future my family would be more interested in what I do. Even though they are not as interested in art like me, they still support me more than I can ever ask for. 

Walter Day 7: answer to Ashley's question

            Graffiti has always been a big part of my life next to photography. As a young kid growing up with people who spend there time destroying the city painting every wall, trains, tagging on billboards. Has build me up to a an artistic individual, knowing that painting on private property is against the law made a vandal ready to paint anything in my way. Ever since a youngster I have been fascinated by the color the style the paint creating something that I have never experience. Till this day it has the same impact as when I was a young kid, I have spend some days were all I do is walk around painting walls on scrapping on metal leaving only my name, letting the city know who I am and to show that I am here to cover the city in paint.

            This passion has drawn me away from my family. My parents know I do it and that I enjoy every moment of it. They know it’s a passion for me and that it means a lot as well. But for them knowing this has pushed me away from my family in that sense. They believe it’s a waste of time, that all I am doing is destroying my life doing non-sense. They fight and yell at me they tend to lock me in the house not letting me out, but for what if they know I am still going to be painting. It’s an addiction I tell them it’s a passion. I have spend some nights climbing water tower’s, running from cops, for what they tell me it’s the rush it’s the love its is what I do.  It has  been something that has taking me from society and the world it’s the illegal art that has brought me to be who I am.

Day 7 Answer: Matt Singleton

Something has indeed drawn me away from my family. It’s no longer an issue, but at a time it took over my life. It’s not as serious as what some people might put down, and it’s actually quite embarrassing, but what kept from my family mostly, was video games. I’d say it was probably around eighth grade or freshman year. I’ve had video games all my life, but that was around the time some of the newer systems came out, and the game were pretty intense. At a certain point, I want to say it became addictive, but I think that’s too serious a word for it. The main game that actually caused the damage though, was a PC game called, World of Warcraft. It’s an MMORPG, Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, which means millions of people can play with each other in massive scale universes. My dad got it for me and my brother around my freshman year, and it started off as an every other day kind of thing. Eventually, as I started progressing through the game, it became more interesting, and much more fun. So then it changed to an everyday kind of thing. Things got progressively more “serious” and I was on about six to eight hours a day, pathetic I know. There were times when my family would want to go out to eat, or go see a movie, and I would say “I think I’m gonna stay here, I have a raid scheduled tonight”. It interfered with my outside life so much, and when I finally started to realize it, I thought “this is stupid, I’m done”. So I stopped for quite a while, and finally started going out and doing “real” teenage things. I eventually got back on the game, but eighty percent less serious about it than I was before. It’s always good to realize the things that take you away from your friends and family, even if it’s something as trivial as video games.

nelson answer day 7

Something that draws me away from my family is my usage of illegal substances.  Being a young teenager, I was peer pressured into trying marijuana. At first I really did not like it for the fact it was looked down upon by a higher, more upscale community.  After a while, I began looking at it as a part of me, which was around the time I finally began to accept it into my life. Since then, I have been a user for about 5 years. I myself see nothing wrong with that because it is almost as bad as a nicotine addiction but not as strong as something like a cocaine habit.  I am in control with the substance although; sometimes it draws me away from my family because I usually exclude them from my daily planner when it is on my schedule.  I usually use it in times of writing or hanging out with my friends.  We all feel very strong towards the substance turning legal one day and hope to be part of a movement, if one is proposed. My friend Anthony wrote a whole paper towards why it should be legal because in high school we had a class called legislation. We wrote laws and had to argue them in class like a debate and he actually had his bill passed to try to become a law (well in high school).  That was such an accomplishment due to the fact that bill had never been passed in the whole time of school. I feel that this substance draws me away from my family, but brings me closer to my friends and what I stand for in life.

I like japans cartoons an I have some friend who like it and some that don’t but I love them but when ever I go to the movie to see them most of the time I end up going alone its cool I guess but it kina hard when u wane talk about them an no one wane heir it but I still find some one to lessen an a lot of time I watch shows that the friends that do watch them have never even herd of like this show called s cty ed its a rely good show grate story line grate fight seines even head nice review but a lot of people never herd of it I like watching the under ground shows be 4 they get big like a show called elfin lead that is a show that I’m sure a lot of my friends wouldn’t watch be cues it a grim show but an a lot of shows I watch are they have the best stories some times some of my friends think I can be a nerd but hey it just me being me

Day 7 answer to Ashley E question kevin scott

When I was younger, around 6 yrs of age I have been with my family, playing, going to the movies, enjoying each others time, just doing what normal families do with each other. When i was 6 that's when i started listening to hip-hop. I grew up listening to rappers like: Nas, Cash money, DA brat and Eve. I never rapped in my life because I've always been singing in a choir at my church for 16 years of my life. listening to hip-hop as a teenager took a big effect on me. I was listening to what everybody else thought was cool. Every rapper that came on the radio was talking about the same thing: Drugs, Money, Cars, and Sex. At 20 i thought to myself why am i listening to this? The only reason i started to want to write music now at 20 is because i'm tired of listening to the same stuff over and over. This is a hobby that has taking me away from my family, for the good because now i can focus on me and thing since day one and that is music.

Day 7 Amanda's response

I consider myself a very helpful person, no matter who it is I try my best to give the best advice I have to offer to enable people to being successful. A very close friend of mine always doubted her instincts to exceeding beyond high school. Her name was Susana; we knew each other for quite some time throughout grammar and high school. I wasn’t until orientation for junior year, that I was informed she’d be in my division until graduation. Our schedules were very similar such as English, advanced algebra with trig and French. Since we knew many of the things we were learning was the exact same, we began to share thoughts and homework responses to each other. However it all changed, Susana and I had a trend to slack off at certain points throughout the year and relied on the other for the answers to our assignments. I stopped copying off of Susana’s work and preceded the assignments the way I thought would be the best way to complete it. During advisor, we would talk about how our day went and then the topic of homework came into tact, Susana stopped doing her homework for the classes we had and I couldn’t believe she was giving up. Instead of letting her figure out the things for herself by getting a failing grade and trying to improve upon her mistakes I made the mistake to let her copy off all my homework. The routine had not changed, she kept copying my work and I felt a sense of guilt every time I let her. Besides having a friend use me to her advantage to pass her classes I was struggling with issues I had with my other classes and it escalated to the point where I wasn’t doing my work. After some time, I stopped giving her work to copy and then focused on my scholastics that I needed improvement on. I realize that there’s so much a person can do to help a friend and it’s up to that person to take initiative to do things for themselves.

Taylor's Question day 7

Everything in life is a competition whether you are a musician, a business man, or an athlete. In Stranger than Fiction there is a section where he discusses the use of illegal substances to gain an advantage in body building competitions. Have you ever had to compete against or witness someone using dishonest method in order to gain an advantage in a competition? If so, what was you opinion of the person? How did it make you feel to know that someone may steal a victory or do better than you just because of dishonest methods?

Ashley Eiland Day 7 Question

In Our America, LeAlan interviews his family and asks them, how has being a reporter changed him. The feedback they give is that being a reporter drew him further away from his family. What is something that you love to do or like to do for fun that draws you away from your family and friends?