Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Response #6 Malcolm

Music sometimes draws me away from my family. I’m not drawn apart from my friends because most of my friends are usually with me doing music or working on there on projects. Sometimes it just requires you to be alone, time to think and compose work. There are numerous different sound and techniques, and programs to use; it requires a lot of focus can be confusing at times. What to record should here be effects, what style should it be. Then putting yourself into the song what images do you want to convey, what mood do is being set , what do you want the reader to be thinking about after it’s over. That’s what I think about when I do a song. It should be more than just guns drugs and money. That’s not life for everyone and even if it is your life, it’s something deeper always that can touch someone. My family says that when I go to the studio I always do good work but right after, I’m irritable, moody and just a mean person, if the visit was productive or not. I’m just angry after. The studio became an outlet for me; it brings back past emotions and allows me to reminisce on the past, a different me. That’s how I become drawn away from my family, there’s Malcolm the artist, the performer who experienced it all, and lived that life then there’s also the side of me that’s knows the result of that life style. Being in the studio talking about the past emotionally takes me back to where I was, when I was away from my family

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