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Day 3 Answer to nelson’s question There are some places in this world that we think that we may belong in but sometimes reality may kick us in the butt hard about who you are and what you should be doing. Growing up for me I have always been an outsider to pretty much anything I try to do in my life. I was sitting by some people who I thought were my friends and they did drugs and drank alcohol but at the time I did not know that. So they asked me did I want to come to a party with them and not knowing what I was getting myself too, so I said yes without thinking twice. Around 7:00pm they picked me up at my house and I told my mom I would be back late. So we are driving and we get to the party and we there are a lot of people, I knew more than half of them. Everyone was having a good time, dancing and playing cards. So around 9:00pm people started to pull out cigarettes and other drugs and started lighting them up. The individuals that I came to the party with started to do it too. I was very disturbed and upset because I was under the oppression that this was a party where people would come together and have fun other than smoking. One of the individuals asked me did I want to try it I said no. I felt so alone and that party was a complete waste of my time, there were women doing it too. They got wasted and I ended up not having a ride home and so I started to walk home I knew from that point on that being different is OK!!

Day 3: Amanda

The universe contains an image of diversity. At times, religion appears to be the most complex concept to understand moral and humane values. It was always in my genes that my ancestors where Catholic and so it was common sense right from my entrance in world I was pronounced Catholic. I read the bible and try understanding the “scared words of Christ.” I attended a Catholic school during middle school, and had no choice to take religion as part of the criteria. I engaged into conversations in my religion class, and at the same times I questioned the priest about the truth behind each chapter in the bible. I never fully developed an understanding until I grew up and started experiencing the world for myself rather than on the bible. A pattern of my behavior changed by the decisions I made, such as not attending church, defy my parent’s authority and explore my sexuality. Everything I did was like an experiment. I still do not know if this is exactly what I want. But I one thing I do know is no matter what anyone says I will continue to express myself in ways that make me feel comfortable.

day 3 answer kwamain

There has been a time in my life where I can recall that I was confused because of the religion I choose to follow. the thing was christens couldn’t listen to r&b music I was just fine with them saying hard core hip-hop that uses profanity and sexual explosive over rated r&b music. Describing what they would do to their lover or a stranger in details. But it became I problem with me because I listen to music with a positive message that honored sex portraying the right way of six. In other words completely the opposite of songs that portrayed the wrong way of life in sex and lust. So I immediately searched for the answer by asking my pastor what did he think about this and do we cut all music off those with the positive messages. He told me that it’s okay you just have to be careful what type of music you have to listen to. I can recall in my elementary years as a little boy always feeling the need to go with my neighbors who lived down the street to church. I asked them way before e I even came across this question they’re e response was no it’s not good at all. I was left confuse so as a child I thought that it wasn’t okay. Even something simple as the bird and the bees or someone singing a song to their girlfriend I love you. Fast forwarding back to the present yes said to say just as two years ago this question existed. In search of the answer every one had different opinions but they all seem agree that whatever you listen to makes sure the music is isn’t beyond the means of disrespect, sexual , behavior ,persuasion of someone’s lifestyle.

Day 3 answer Malcolm

I have felt excluded like Chuck. The last day of school, every year since 10th grade. Discussing how much fun every summer going to be just not having to wake up and deal with the stress that comes along with being a student. While everyone else rejoices I sit and just listen, because I’m not the best student and the classes I can’t handle are the ones that give me the privilege to take an entire month and a couple hundred dollars to go to summer school. Even as a student in summer school I’m an outsider, the only student there attempting to do the work from day one, somehow I still manage to struggle more than the rest of the class. There were many days I gave up and wouldn’t do an assignment, shooting myself in the foot. Following summer school I had to work even harder on the job, to make up the hundreds I lost for school and to keep some change for myself. Listening to everyone else’s plans for the summer knowing that there was no excitement for me just a summer of work, followed by another school year.

Day 3 Response: Lola Ogbara

I have more than once in my life felt like Chuck Palahniuk, an outsider. I recall one time living on Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville campus with my mom and little brother. One day my brother, some friends, and I were all invited by a local college resident to be a visitor a church that we had never been to. I don’t remember the name of the church but I do remember that it was teen night and that the majority of the people there were White. They had provided food, drinks, games, and activities for everyone. Even though we all felt a little out of place we did manage to take advantage of what they had to offer. Worship soon began. Members from the church started to perform. They performed songs that were totally different from what I was used to hearing in a church. The songs were still gospel but had a rock flare. Their way of worshiping was also totally different from what we all were used to. Even though we felt like total outsiders, we stayed until the end. I didn’t know what to think of this church. My experience was different but it made me realize that nothing is done a certain way. Not all people live their lives the same.

Day 3 Answer: Matt Singleton

I’m sure everyone has felt like an outsider at least once or twice in their lives. It’s pretty common to be somewhere where you don’t feel like you’re “a part of the team”. It’s happened to me on many occasions, there’s a particular one that I want to get into though. I guess you could call a social event. It was in sixth grade. I never really had spectacular grades throughout my school years, but sixth grade was different. In the second half of the year I earned straight A’s with flying colors. So it was a real treat for me when I found out I would get a special lunch with the principal and other straight A students. I had never really had any kind of special privilege thing like this, so I was pretty excited. When the day came I had pretty high expectations. I was thinking it would be a fun little get together with some of my friends, but the thing was, none of my friends were in there with me. The other straight A students were people who’ve known each other for years and had become great friends over the years, and since this was my first time getting straight A’s and not being in the advanced classes and getting to know these kids, it was incredibly awkward. So they were talking, laughing, cracking jokes, and having fun, while I was just the quiet kid eating his lunch without any recognition whatsoever. I’d say that was one of my more annoying outsider moments.
i will never forget it .it was the year of 1999 and me and my mother were invited to go to my godsister birthday . they were just made my godparents and i and my mother were eager to know my new family . her birthday is in september so it was still pretty hot at the time my mother and i got all doll up just for the ocassion . we go to party and soon as we walk its nothing but booty shakin ,butt grinding ,dick in the ass hodown . Oh yeah i forgot to mention my mother is a baptist preacher.

DAY 3- Walter

One I have never experience anything like this, were my religion made me think or got me confused. However I have had questions that began popping in my own head making me wonder, that my own religion to me began to be not liars but seem to be stuck up. There is up to billons if I am mistaking maybe even trillions of people in this world. Each one having their own believes on their church and their very own religion.

There is the Muslims, Catholics, and the list just goes on. As people knowing this they begging to hate the other religion creating tension with believes, cultures and race. Why is this? I began to go to church and ask the priest why are we fallowing these rules and having this subculture of fallowing JESUS why? Why do we fallow the Ten Commandments what is the purpose of believing on someone that we don’t even know if he exists why? All these random questions began to pop in my head. If is true of god and his savior that he brought to earth why do we have to be loyal for all I know god (if he does really exist) seems like a cocky person to me making us bow down and worship the all mighty. As conclusion I got kick out of the church and I have not gone well in a long time. These questions in my head began to make me wonder why is religion so complicated and so hard to understand all we need to know is there is someone there who created us and gave us guide lines to fallow so there wont be chaos in the world. Lets say I am of the word religion, the word itself get me confused.


Day 3 Response Ashley Renee

There have been plenty of times when I felt like an outsider at events. Just last month, I was at my cousin’s 35th birthday party. A lot of my family members where there and even more of his friends had showed up. I went to the party just to show my face and had intentions on leaving after we all sang happy birthday and had cake. Seeing how I didn’t drive to the party location myself, I had to stay until it was over. I was the only one there who was under 21 so I felt really out of place. My cousin, who is a year older than me, left early on that night. Everyone in the party was drinking and having a good time, while I sat on the sideline as the “purse watcher”. Things started to get worse when they played songs that I liked and wanted to dance to. I just had to dance from my seat. Once the party was close 2 ending and the lights came up, I started feeling a little more awkward when his friends who are in their 30’s and 40’s started trying to talk to me. I just smiled and shook my head. I got a laugh out of it in the end but it was still weird. Once we all got to the after party, I felt a little more comfortable because we relocated to his sister’s house. Everybody was talking, playing cards and enjoying the night together as one big happy family.

Answer to religion

When I was younger my parents found it very important to get me into religion, so they sent me to a religious education class from first grade through eighth grade. I never took well to it because I felt like it was being forced down my throat. I remember eventually as I learned more and more about it that it made no sense to me, I couldn’t and still don’t understand how a an all powerful and loving beining could exist. I was worried to ask because I was always told to not  question the religion in that manner so I was at a loss as to how to handle it. So how I handled it is after eighth grade it was my choice whether or not I wanted to continue, I elected not to continue. Then I went to a place where I could discuss these view points with out worry of offending an entire religion. I signed my self up for a philosophy of world religions class that summer and come my senior year I registered for philosophy of self knowledge at my high school. Both of those classes were highly beneficial to me. I was able to ask the question I couldn’t ask a priest. Those classes reinforced what I had believed that from a philosophical stand point it is one hundred percent impossible for an omnipotent benevolent being to exists due to the  definitions of those words. Since then I have not taken part in any form of religion.


Taylor Cole 

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day 3

Have you ever felt like Chuck Palahniuk and watched an event, celebration, parade, festival, (etc.), from the sidelines because you felt like an outsider?
a time i felt like chuck palahniuk was when i was at is church with a girl friend all the people was so nice i was haveing an good time but when church started it off with a song by an old lady it ok at that time but then an man came up an started an all the people was crazy they was jump up and down people was falling out they would get up an fall out again i felt like an REAL REAL REAL outsider.

Day 3 Question Nelson

In the novel “Stranger Than Fiction”, Chuck Palahniuk visits an unusual type of festival called “Testy Festy”. As a regular to this event, Chuck most likely contains plenty of knowledge pertaining the festival. Writing so openly to it shows that he obviously is an outsider to this event because he is able to establish the weird and peculiar things that happen in his writing. Have you ever felt like Chuck Palahniuk and watched an event, celebration, parade, festival, (etc.), from the sidelines because you felt like an outsider?

day3 darius m question

Have you ever been confused on what to do because your religion had you thinking one thing but you wanted to do something else? What did you do and what was the result?