Wednesday, July 22, 2009

day 3 answer kwamain

There has been a time in my life where I can recall that I was confused because of the religion I choose to follow. the thing was christens couldn’t listen to r&b music I was just fine with them saying hard core hip-hop that uses profanity and sexual explosive over rated r&b music. Describing what they would do to their lover or a stranger in details. But it became I problem with me because I listen to music with a positive message that honored sex portraying the right way of six. In other words completely the opposite of songs that portrayed the wrong way of life in sex and lust. So I immediately searched for the answer by asking my pastor what did he think about this and do we cut all music off those with the positive messages. He told me that it’s okay you just have to be careful what type of music you have to listen to. I can recall in my elementary years as a little boy always feeling the need to go with my neighbors who lived down the street to church. I asked them way before e I even came across this question they’re e response was no it’s not good at all. I was left confuse so as a child I thought that it wasn’t okay. Even something simple as the bird and the bees or someone singing a song to their girlfriend I love you. Fast forwarding back to the present yes said to say just as two years ago this question existed. In search of the answer every one had different opinions but they all seem agree that whatever you listen to makes sure the music is isn’t beyond the means of disrespect, sexual , behavior ,persuasion of someone’s lifestyle.

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