Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 3 Answer: Matt Singleton

I’m sure everyone has felt like an outsider at least once or twice in their lives. It’s pretty common to be somewhere where you don’t feel like you’re “a part of the team”. It’s happened to me on many occasions, there’s a particular one that I want to get into though. I guess you could call a social event. It was in sixth grade. I never really had spectacular grades throughout my school years, but sixth grade was different. In the second half of the year I earned straight A’s with flying colors. So it was a real treat for me when I found out I would get a special lunch with the principal and other straight A students. I had never really had any kind of special privilege thing like this, so I was pretty excited. When the day came I had pretty high expectations. I was thinking it would be a fun little get together with some of my friends, but the thing was, none of my friends were in there with me. The other straight A students were people who’ve known each other for years and had become great friends over the years, and since this was my first time getting straight A’s and not being in the advanced classes and getting to know these kids, it was incredibly awkward. So they were talking, laughing, cracking jokes, and having fun, while I was just the quiet kid eating his lunch without any recognition whatsoever. I’d say that was one of my more annoying outsider moments.

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