Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 3 answer Malcolm

I have felt excluded like Chuck. The last day of school, every year since 10th grade. Discussing how much fun every summer going to be just not having to wake up and deal with the stress that comes along with being a student. While everyone else rejoices I sit and just listen, because I’m not the best student and the classes I can’t handle are the ones that give me the privilege to take an entire month and a couple hundred dollars to go to summer school. Even as a student in summer school I’m an outsider, the only student there attempting to do the work from day one, somehow I still manage to struggle more than the rest of the class. There were many days I gave up and wouldn’t do an assignment, shooting myself in the foot. Following summer school I had to work even harder on the job, to make up the hundreds I lost for school and to keep some change for myself. Listening to everyone else’s plans for the summer knowing that there was no excitement for me just a summer of work, followed by another school year.

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