Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 3 Answer to nelson’s question There are some places in this world that we think that we may belong in but sometimes reality may kick us in the butt hard about who you are and what you should be doing. Growing up for me I have always been an outsider to pretty much anything I try to do in my life. I was sitting by some people who I thought were my friends and they did drugs and drank alcohol but at the time I did not know that. So they asked me did I want to come to a party with them and not knowing what I was getting myself too, so I said yes without thinking twice. Around 7:00pm they picked me up at my house and I told my mom I would be back late. So we are driving and we get to the party and we there are a lot of people, I knew more than half of them. Everyone was having a good time, dancing and playing cards. So around 9:00pm people started to pull out cigarettes and other drugs and started lighting them up. The individuals that I came to the party with started to do it too. I was very disturbed and upset because I was under the oppression that this was a party where people would come together and have fun other than smoking. One of the individuals asked me did I want to try it I said no. I felt so alone and that party was a complete waste of my time, there were women doing it too. They got wasted and I ended up not having a ride home and so I started to walk home I knew from that point on that being different is OK!!

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