Monday, August 3, 2009

day 9 answer kwamin

The last time I rebelled against someone in my community was at school. had to use the restroom and I couldn’t hold it o felt like it was very important that I get to where I needed to go to take care of what needed to be taken care of. After repeatedly telling my teacher that I need to go urgently she didn’t care. She already had it made up in her mind that the answer was no even if she was going to let me go her action showed differently. So at this point I was getting tired of asking keeping my hand raised besides it was hurting. I thought back to what my mother told me “if you have to go ask your teacher and if she doesn’t let you go ask her again if she says no or doesn’t let you go then go right ahead on your own”. This gave me the courage to do so because I knew once I left my mom wasn’t going to punish me. She was the one who gave me the okay so I did exactly that, this is when things got rowdy. As I got up my teacher specifically told me to sit I responded no I have to use the bathroom and you would not answer my hand so no besides my mom said I can. After all everything that was said I open the door and walked out. Everyone was shocked that I did this even the teacher as well so shocked to write me up. When I came back she gave me a write up and the reason why I was getting written up this resulted in school suspension. I don’t think that it is right to be rebellious only under two exceptions standing for something that is morally right and doing It in a fashionly order .

day 9 jabo

An time I rebelled again my family is when I said that I was coming to Columbia because its so much money to come here but why pay all this money if im not going make it throw school but I had my eyes on this school about four year my mom was telling me that school is not for ever one but what I was telling her that I will do good in school because of my music because I cant get help on my music if I do not keep my head in the books so some time you have to do some things for your self.

Walter Day 9: Answer Responds

People have always rebelled against themselves, the government, or special occasions were they believed it was right to rebel. I myself have always rebelled against things that believed it was incorrect. Some of the occasions where I have actually gone against someone it happen when I was in junior year of high school.

I rouse to go against my community; my community is filled of gang and drug dealing, shoo tings almost every week. A place filled with gang writings on the walls. Children growing up believing having a gun are the way to be. I mean people are scared to go against the thorn stuck in the neighborhood not able to heal it. No one wanted to stand up for these guys. I was tired of this I wanted my brothers to go out without getting picked on or getting scared of stepping out. I rebelled against the oppression of those who were not allowing my people to have some good time sitting outside their house without anyone bothering them. I began to do a petition for more police in the neighborhood. I began to ask for more city cameras have at least a cop in every two blocks. The end was a success people began to gather protesting asking for more police watch more people began to see what it was meant to happen. We began to grow in numbers. People creating meetings and rallies.

            Towards the end we received our police we received more watch. Police began to stop more of these gang members. They wouldn’t let them loiter on the corners. Little by little gang members are hardly coming out, sure there still there but they don’t bother do stupid things as they used to. When we began to ask for more policemen they began to see how drugs were involved in the neighborhood. It got to them to the point they raided a whole entire street were they arrested 5 main gang leaders arrested the neutrals of the gang the henchmen. They found up to 5 hundred pounds of drugs in each members house illegal guns even stolen merchandise. Thanks to the support of the people and me beginning to organize a petition the neighborhood has been a little more mellow sure there still there. No matter how hard you try gangs will always be there. You can slow them down but they are all there.         

nelson answer day 9

When I was younger, my family never had money so when it came to my school clothes or a new haircut I was on my own.  In my family it is more of you do not have to tell your parents what your doing or where you are, but it was on you to support yourself.  I used to sell different things just to have my own money; it was the way my parents never wanted me to be.  I would rebel because it seemed there was no other way.  As my family had this belief that I did not have any money, my clothes began to change and so did my independency towards them.  I stopped trying to get money out of them and just began living my life.  That is usually when parents start to notice something is going on, when you are not bothering them for something.  They started sneaking around my room and started to play investigators around the house.  Noticing that I would have new clothes made them a little curious about the whole situation.  I finally gave up that fast money dream, stopped rebelling towards my parents, and began picking up different hobbies to make money like DJing, cutting hair, and working on cars.  I do not regret what I did in my past only because you should not regret things in the past because you can not do anything about them but just look forward in life and make sure you understand what you did wrong and what you can do to make it right. I understood my place in being wrong and now that I am older, I will only make my money in the best most convenient way.

Day 9 Amanda's response:

In my senior year at Benito Juarez high school, I was involved in a program called “Chicago Bound: After school matters- Digital Photography”. I learned many techniques to improve on taking my photographs, such as try not to focus on using a blurred background, and incorporate my moral values into sceneries that I can consider to be a part of. I practiced trying to perfect my images by walking around the north and south side as well as the downtown area of Chicago taking as many pictures as I could with a digital camera. After taking some time to review the outcome of my photographs, I had taken two hundred and fifty. On average, forty percent of my pictures were not as good as the others. However, I managed to use many of those photographs for ASM, such project for a display at Midway airport. From time to time, I maintain to take portraits for my portfolio. Some of my pictures reviewed by former teachers, and instructors and I had received positive feedback. I think a good way to start off my career as a phtographer is to sell my photographs and through the process improve my skills and not rely on fame as a source of my happiness.

Day 9 Answer: Matt Singleton

I have rebelled plenty of times in my life. The one that I remember more clearly has to do with my eyebrow. I didn’t think I was rebelling at the time, but deep down I realize that that’s indeed what I was doing. My dad has always been a pusher, and I mean he pushed me to work harder, or tried at least. He was never a mean guy, but was hard on me when I didn’t do what I was supposed to do. The time that I’m referring to was actually not long ago. I believe it was about 7 months ago. A close friend of mine is real tattoo and piercing fanatic. So for the longest time she tried to convince me to get a tattoo or piercing besides my ears. I had always considered it, but never really had the patience to go through with it. One day in mid January, I and my dad got into a bit of an argument, concerning me and a job. Things didn’t get too bad, but it was enough to get me heated. A few days later I made my decision about the piercing. At the time I thought I wanted it just because it would be a cool new edition to myself, but today I knew how it would make my dad feel. It was a pretty cruel thing to do, but my dad and I are on pretty good terms now, seeing as how I have a job, and I’m going to school. I also love my piercing on my own now, and I do think it’s a good edition.

Ashley Renee' Response 2 Malcolm's ?

In my mom’s eyes I was always her baby girl who could do no wrong. I always did what I was told with no back talk. Never questioned any of her motives. I guess you can say I was a mama’s girl! That was until I got a taste of the high school life. My first year in high school, I did nothing I was told. I would always tell her, “OK” but never do it. I started meeting new people and wanted to experience new beginnings. I start drinking close to my third semester of school. Once my mom found out, I could tell she was hurt but at the time it didn’t faze me. I didn’t really care because I felt like I was finally breaking out of my shell.  I continued to drink. I drank so much that it became an everyday habit. I had to have a drink when I got home from school. Since I wasn’t old enough to buy my own liquor, I would ask my cousin to go get some for me. Sometimes I would steal whatever liquor was in the house and replace it with water, just so no one would know the difference. I stopped drinking when I reached my sophomore year and picked up a new habit. Smoking. I started smoking marijuana, at first, just to try it and see if the effects were as real as my friends said. Once I got addicted, this was my new habit. I smoked everyday. Before class, after and even on my lunch break. I smoked for close to 3 years because it became a stress reliever. In May of my senior year, I kicked the habit because I had gotten pregnant. I still continue to drink, but only at social gatherings, as far as smoking goes, I haven’t started back and don’t really plan to. 

Malcolm's Question: Lola Ogbara

Being a teenager, there were plenty of times that I rebelled against my family, particularly my mother. She would ask me to come home around a certain time. Sometimes I came in at 1a.m the next morning.  There was one time when I was out with some friends and I experimented with marijuana. I came home high and as much as I tried to deny it, my mother still knew that I was up to no good. My mother tells her mother everything that happens in the household so this event was no different. I soon got a call from my grandmother the next day. She was disappointed in me for doing what I had done. Hearing this from my grandmother is different from hearing it from my mother. When it’s from grandma, it’s bad. I felt disappointed in myself. I felt like I had failed her because she faith in everything I did. Not saying that my mother didn’t but the impact was much greater from grandma being that I’m much closer to her. From that point on, I didn’t come home high. I tried my best to come home at a reasonable time. I spent less time with the friends I experienced marijuana with.  I learned from my mistakes so I tried to be more careful. The end result was that I got in less trouble with my parents.

Taylor's answer to malcolm

I have rebelled many time against my community of stuck up middle-upper class community because to be honest they are annoying and are always willing to cause problems with my family. The time that stuck out most to me was about two years ago on the fourth of July. My family wasn’t doing anything mildly illegal, not even shooting off fireworks. But my neighbors decided to file a noise complaint because of out stereo. The cops arrived and requested we turn it down due to a noise complaint. After I saw this happen I decided to act and act fast. So I wheeled out my Marshall half stack, pointed it at my neighbors house, turned it up all the way, and seeing as it was the fourth I got in the holiday spirit. I busted out a WAH pedal and played the Star-Spangled Banner as performed by Jimi Hendrix for the next two hours non-stop. Strange enough they didn’t call the cops then, my guess is that they figured how would they look calling in a noise complaint because someone was playing the national anthem too loud on the fourth of July. So naturally my rebellious nature over took the oppressive attitudes of a stuck up middle class community that always has it out to exclude and isolate my family in the community.

Taylor Cole

Day 9 answer to Malcolm quest. Kevin Scott

When I was younger growing up in on the west side of Chicago and the things i saw were the things my mom and teachers told me time and time not to do: (smoking and drinking alcohol.) Life is not fair sometimes so around 2006 my parents took a different turn in their lives, they went their separate ways and i took that very, very hard. I used to work in a job called apple bees and of course it's a bar and grill and my co workers smoked cigarettes and one night after work they invited me to a get together and there were drugs and alcohol there, I'm 18 and i never tried it. They were smoking and they my friend asked me did i want a hit and i said "cool". I felt bad because i had a feeling of cool and nervous at the same time because i had to go home that night too. The outcome of that would be my mother finding out when it was time for me to go home. It was something that i hope in my life i would never do but things happen, i try not to rebel against my parents we should respect their wishes, also if we live in their house.

Malcolm Question

In Persepolis Marjane rebels against her community by being influenced by western culture, Michael Jackson, Nike Denim Jackets, etc. She also rebels against her mother by smoking her first cigarette making herself an adult. Have you ever rebelled against a family member or your community? How did you rebel and what was the result?

Darius strickland ? for the day

It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.–Tom Brokaw
What’s the best way you can make a difference AND make a buck today…? (legally)