Monday, August 3, 2009

nelson answer day 9

When I was younger, my family never had money so when it came to my school clothes or a new haircut I was on my own.  In my family it is more of you do not have to tell your parents what your doing or where you are, but it was on you to support yourself.  I used to sell different things just to have my own money; it was the way my parents never wanted me to be.  I would rebel because it seemed there was no other way.  As my family had this belief that I did not have any money, my clothes began to change and so did my independency towards them.  I stopped trying to get money out of them and just began living my life.  That is usually when parents start to notice something is going on, when you are not bothering them for something.  They started sneaking around my room and started to play investigators around the house.  Noticing that I would have new clothes made them a little curious about the whole situation.  I finally gave up that fast money dream, stopped rebelling towards my parents, and began picking up different hobbies to make money like DJing, cutting hair, and working on cars.  I do not regret what I did in my past only because you should not regret things in the past because you can not do anything about them but just look forward in life and make sure you understand what you did wrong and what you can do to make it right. I understood my place in being wrong and now that I am older, I will only make my money in the best most convenient way.

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