Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 9 Answer: Matt Singleton

I have rebelled plenty of times in my life. The one that I remember more clearly has to do with my eyebrow. I didn’t think I was rebelling at the time, but deep down I realize that that’s indeed what I was doing. My dad has always been a pusher, and I mean he pushed me to work harder, or tried at least. He was never a mean guy, but was hard on me when I didn’t do what I was supposed to do. The time that I’m referring to was actually not long ago. I believe it was about 7 months ago. A close friend of mine is real tattoo and piercing fanatic. So for the longest time she tried to convince me to get a tattoo or piercing besides my ears. I had always considered it, but never really had the patience to go through with it. One day in mid January, I and my dad got into a bit of an argument, concerning me and a job. Things didn’t get too bad, but it was enough to get me heated. A few days later I made my decision about the piercing. At the time I thought I wanted it just because it would be a cool new edition to myself, but today I knew how it would make my dad feel. It was a pretty cruel thing to do, but my dad and I are on pretty good terms now, seeing as how I have a job, and I’m going to school. I also love my piercing on my own now, and I do think it’s a good edition.

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