Monday, August 3, 2009

Walter Day 9: Answer Responds

People have always rebelled against themselves, the government, or special occasions were they believed it was right to rebel. I myself have always rebelled against things that believed it was incorrect. Some of the occasions where I have actually gone against someone it happen when I was in junior year of high school.

I rouse to go against my community; my community is filled of gang and drug dealing, shoo tings almost every week. A place filled with gang writings on the walls. Children growing up believing having a gun are the way to be. I mean people are scared to go against the thorn stuck in the neighborhood not able to heal it. No one wanted to stand up for these guys. I was tired of this I wanted my brothers to go out without getting picked on or getting scared of stepping out. I rebelled against the oppression of those who were not allowing my people to have some good time sitting outside their house without anyone bothering them. I began to do a petition for more police in the neighborhood. I began to ask for more city cameras have at least a cop in every two blocks. The end was a success people began to gather protesting asking for more police watch more people began to see what it was meant to happen. We began to grow in numbers. People creating meetings and rallies.

            Towards the end we received our police we received more watch. Police began to stop more of these gang members. They wouldn’t let them loiter on the corners. Little by little gang members are hardly coming out, sure there still there but they don’t bother do stupid things as they used to. When we began to ask for more policemen they began to see how drugs were involved in the neighborhood. It got to them to the point they raided a whole entire street were they arrested 5 main gang leaders arrested the neutrals of the gang the henchmen. They found up to 5 hundred pounds of drugs in each members house illegal guns even stolen merchandise. Thanks to the support of the people and me beginning to organize a petition the neighborhood has been a little more mellow sure there still there. No matter how hard you try gangs will always be there. You can slow them down but they are all there.         

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