Monday, August 3, 2009

Ashley Renee' Response 2 Malcolm's ?

In my mom’s eyes I was always her baby girl who could do no wrong. I always did what I was told with no back talk. Never questioned any of her motives. I guess you can say I was a mama’s girl! That was until I got a taste of the high school life. My first year in high school, I did nothing I was told. I would always tell her, “OK” but never do it. I started meeting new people and wanted to experience new beginnings. I start drinking close to my third semester of school. Once my mom found out, I could tell she was hurt but at the time it didn’t faze me. I didn’t really care because I felt like I was finally breaking out of my shell.  I continued to drink. I drank so much that it became an everyday habit. I had to have a drink when I got home from school. Since I wasn’t old enough to buy my own liquor, I would ask my cousin to go get some for me. Sometimes I would steal whatever liquor was in the house and replace it with water, just so no one would know the difference. I stopped drinking when I reached my sophomore year and picked up a new habit. Smoking. I started smoking marijuana, at first, just to try it and see if the effects were as real as my friends said. Once I got addicted, this was my new habit. I smoked everyday. Before class, after and even on my lunch break. I smoked for close to 3 years because it became a stress reliever. In May of my senior year, I kicked the habit because I had gotten pregnant. I still continue to drink, but only at social gatherings, as far as smoking goes, I haven’t started back and don’t really plan to. 

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