Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Response to Nelson's Question

Someone who influenced me to become somebody because of her own failures is actually my sister. My sister went away to Alabama State for a year, came back, fell in love, and got pregnant. After that, she didn’t get a chance to go back to school, seeing how she had to provide for her and her baby. She has held numerous jobs, but none that she loved. She worked so hard that she didn’t really have a chance to live her life. She didn’t get to go out to the clubs at night because she had to work the following morning. Even to this day, she still works so hard that she doesn’t really have time to catch up with herself. She works crazy hours, six out of the seven days of the week, and doesn’t even have time to spend with my niece. Once I got pregnant, I told myself that I would make time for my child. I didn’t plan on working or going away to school until she would be old enough to understand why I have to work and learn. I would spend all my time with my daughter. We would take her to the park, or we would just take walks to the neighborhood store for snacks. Every moment would count when it comes to my child and me. I didn’t want to miss a second of her life, no matter what. My daughter and niece both adore me and I love them both to death. I would do whatever it takes to make and keep them happy.

Malcolm Day 9

Someone that is not my role model but I learned from their mistakes are my two uncles Dwayne and Darryl. They messed up their entire lives being lazy. Even when situation to change the downward spiral, they still chose not to. Darryl is a great mechanic and always has been, and was given the opportunity to take over the shop that are family owns. He is a grown man that has kids all over the city that he’s not taking care of, no job and still lives with his parents who are. His brother Dwayne is also and mechanic but he was in the military working on machines. When he left, he got addicted to drugs and he also has kids, and no job. This encouraged me to not follow in their footsteps; neither of them graduated high school. The moment their experiences made me stronger was when Dwayne came over our house around one or two in the morning asking for a couple dollars. This changed my life because I answered the door with my mother he shook my hand and hugged me and I could smell that he hadn’t showered or cleaned himself in days, what made it worse was he smell like crack like he had been in the trap house. I didn’t invite him in because I didn’t know what to expect. I mean he is family but more now he was a fiend. This influenced me to do my work and always do what I love.

Day 9 Answer: Matt Singleton

There are a few people in my family I learn from almost every day. If they make wrong decisions in life, or if they make good decisions in life, I seem to learn a lesson each time. My uncle Leighton is the type of person who comes up with crazy half-assed get rich quick schemes. If you want to delve a little deeper, he gets involved with pyramid schemes too much for one person. The awful thing about it is he never learns his lesson. As many times as they’ve gone wrong, he always comes back with a brand new “this’ll get us our own island” program in a matter of months. What makes it even sadder is that he has great intentions. He only wants to help the whole family live a pampered life. The issue there is that no one wants his help. My family always says the same to thing to him each time he comes with a new solution, “just get a regular job”. He used to be a seriously good graphic designer, and artist. He had a great job, but just didn’t follow through with it. There are a lot of people who do make silly mistakes in my family. The grandmother who wasted all her savings and the uncle who is constantly “borrowing” cars from his own family are only a small amount of the craziness that is my family. Although, there the “smarter” folks in my family. Like my other aunt who is a destructive force in the real-estate industry. All of them have helped me learn a lot of lessons in my time. I’m already smart with the money I have. I know a pyramid scheme when I see one. And I’ll never “borrow” cars from my own family. Seeing their mistakes has helped me decide how my future will be. It’s helped me gain the intelligence it takes to live in the real world.

day 10 kwamain answer

Someone who has put no kind of effort in their life to achieve, it’s not specifically a being but anyone who is not doing anything but being a professional a bomb and delighting in It. such as the characteristics of one. To choose someone out of the bomb community would be a dear friend I know. His day consist of getting laid, smoking, gaining money the wrong way and eat. Nothing he strives for which is wasting time and self. Then he turns around and laughs at those who seek for greatness such as reading books to gain more knowledge and wisdom. Talking about the way they live and how pathetic it is to invest in you .how does one invest in one self by staying in school and apply yourself. Learn all that you can, so you can get an interest on who you want to be and what it is exactly you want to do in life. Getting an education it pays off yes it’s hard I would stress to him but it pays off. I constantly remind myself that the more work you put in the results you get back. Greats sacrifices great results, less sacrifices less results .this makes me stay away from him and yes it hurts but I if o continued to hang around him I could of became the same way an that is the last thing I won’t. He would have literacy laugh at me discourage me. for this reason he Is not my row model.

Lola Ogbara's Answer

There isn’t too many people that I know who messed up majorly in their life. But someone that does come to mind is my father. It wasn’t that he screwed up his life; he just made things really hard for himself. In his past life, he wasn’t the best person.  He didn’t attend college. He didn’t treat the women in his life with much respect, including my mother.  At the moment, he has six children and two whom are toddlers. With the economy being the way it is and him not having a college education, it’s pretty hard for him to provide for his children, which are my half siblings. He also has a couple of health problems such as having bad eyesight, not being able to hear out of one ear, and being overweight. I feel that if he wouldn’t made better choices in his past and treated people better, maybe the things that are happening to him now wouldn’t be happening. I learned from his mistakes. I treat people with respect and with courtesy. I’m conscious of the decisions I make now so that the future is better for me. I have taken all the advice he and others have gave me so that I to won’t make the same mistakes. Now, my father is a better person. He is still stubborn but I’ve learned to live with it being that that’s just the way he is.

day 9

I really try not to look at mistakes people have made but if I had to choose someone that I learned from their mistakes would have to be my older brother. He s a nice guy don’t get me wrong but he has screwed up on so many levels. He almost failed high school because he was too lazy to even dress for gym class, he dropped out of college twice despite getting a full ride from someone, he is getting married when he doesn’t have a job and he isn’t going to school, the girl he is marrying didn’t graduate high school and to top it off he play world of war craft with any time he has on the side. What I learned from him most is to have ambition and not to get sucked into the constant desire to do something you enjoy more instead of doing what needs to be done. He also helped solidify some stuff that I considered common sense like don’t get married when you have no job and no education because when you do that you are what the world likes to call screwed. I also learned not to let the personal joys of life take full power over me, they are important to have but not so important to drop out of school for them. All he really needs to do is learn that life isn’t always a party no matter how much you want it to be. You do have to grow up sometime.
Taylor Cole

There is a drug addict that I have seen almost my hole life my mother told me that he was ones respectable be he be came strong out be for I was born how it happened to this day my mother never told me that but I only have knew hem as a addict my hole life so this man has been on drugs for over 18 years I often wonder way isn’t he dead yet but I can see he is in bad shape.  He was like a brother to my mom in some ways he use to watch out for her but now he cant even watch out for hem self I even remember some day my mom use to give hem food he was an example on way I don’t want to do drugs 

Day 10 response:

I can remember the moment as if it were yesterday, my eldest sister sat across the kitchen table trembling to tell my mother a secret she was so embarrassed to tell. The secret was she’s pregnant. I was only eight years and old and already going to be an aunt. My sister was a senior in high school and unemployed. There are many times I ask myself why she would act out of stupidity to ruin her life with not taking responsibility for her actions. However, none of the reasons I came up with were the right ones to explain why she did it. My sister was afraid to say another word with the horrible news she told, so my mother stood quiet and walked away from the table. Words were not the answer to the situation; although my mom made it clear she would never walk out on her children. My mother worked a full-time job at a retail store at the Water Tower, after work she would cry because of how exhausted she was and for comfort I would massage her back to show my concern. Up to this day my mom and I have been close and no matter what a situation was I seemed to find a way to comfort her. I promised her I would take all the precautions I needed to protect myself in every way. What made me most proud of who I am is that I never once doubted my strengths and perused dedication to my education.

Darius Strickland Answer to Nelson Blog

.In the book of exodus (the bible) it talks about how children will some how suffer for their parents sins .
whether it be alcoholism abuse or profanity . inevitably they are hurt further down the line of life. well in my case i have been a victim of circumstance many of times.
unfortunatly my mother isnt the most active person.
growing up i always had to clean up everthing .there was no clean your room every week or just the dishes or other set of chores it was clean what ever i tell you to do. to the fullest . or your going to get an earfull or something else . i couldnt believe it. there were days where i should have called child services for endangering a minor but i didnt . i would just sit frustrated thinking how i will do better in my life.
so that resulting in back problems from all the work i did chemical injury from lysol and other washing liquids . also i think there were times i should have stood up for myself and didnt which affects me today.
but thats ok in my room and other areas soon i will be one of the most organize people in the world . when i lived with my grand father everything had a set place . i also plan alot more which she has to get better at . sometimes i over plan and screw up.
my mother is lazy ^^^^^

Nelson Day 10 Question

Most people have role models and inspirations that they look upon to make themselves not only stronger but also more hungry to become someone.  Now lets think about the people that are not your role model, is there someone that made you stronger from their own slack. Was their someone in life that messed up so bad that lead to you becoming a stronger person? Who are they? How did they mess up? And how or in what way are you stronger from that?