Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Darius Strickland Answer to Nelson Blog

.In the book of exodus (the bible) it talks about how children will some how suffer for their parents sins .
whether it be alcoholism abuse or profanity . inevitably they are hurt further down the line of life. well in my case i have been a victim of circumstance many of times.
unfortunatly my mother isnt the most active person.
growing up i always had to clean up everthing .there was no clean your room every week or just the dishes or other set of chores it was clean what ever i tell you to do. to the fullest . or your going to get an earfull or something else . i couldnt believe it. there were days where i should have called child services for endangering a minor but i didnt . i would just sit frustrated thinking how i will do better in my life.
so that resulting in back problems from all the work i did chemical injury from lysol and other washing liquids . also i think there were times i should have stood up for myself and didnt which affects me today.
but thats ok in my room and other areas soon i will be one of the most organize people in the world . when i lived with my grand father everything had a set place . i also plan alot more which she has to get better at . sometimes i over plan and screw up.
my mother is lazy ^^^^^

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