Tuesday, August 4, 2009

day 10 kwamain answer

Someone who has put no kind of effort in their life to achieve, it’s not specifically a being but anyone who is not doing anything but being a professional a bomb and delighting in It. such as the characteristics of one. To choose someone out of the bomb community would be a dear friend I know. His day consist of getting laid, smoking, gaining money the wrong way and eat. Nothing he strives for which is wasting time and self. Then he turns around and laughs at those who seek for greatness such as reading books to gain more knowledge and wisdom. Talking about the way they live and how pathetic it is to invest in you .how does one invest in one self by staying in school and apply yourself. Learn all that you can, so you can get an interest on who you want to be and what it is exactly you want to do in life. Getting an education it pays off yes it’s hard I would stress to him but it pays off. I constantly remind myself that the more work you put in the results you get back. Greats sacrifices great results, less sacrifices less results .this makes me stay away from him and yes it hurts but I if o continued to hang around him I could of became the same way an that is the last thing I won’t. He would have literacy laugh at me discourage me. for this reason he Is not my row model.

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