Tuesday, August 4, 2009

day 9

I really try not to look at mistakes people have made but if I had to choose someone that I learned from their mistakes would have to be my older brother. He s a nice guy don’t get me wrong but he has screwed up on so many levels. He almost failed high school because he was too lazy to even dress for gym class, he dropped out of college twice despite getting a full ride from someone, he is getting married when he doesn’t have a job and he isn’t going to school, the girl he is marrying didn’t graduate high school and to top it off he play world of war craft with any time he has on the side. What I learned from him most is to have ambition and not to get sucked into the constant desire to do something you enjoy more instead of doing what needs to be done. He also helped solidify some stuff that I considered common sense like don’t get married when you have no job and no education because when you do that you are what the world likes to call screwed. I also learned not to let the personal joys of life take full power over me, they are important to have but not so important to drop out of school for them. All he really needs to do is learn that life isn’t always a party no matter how much you want it to be. You do have to grow up sometime.
Taylor Cole

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