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day 6 answer kwamain

The sub culture I belong to is music artist culture,music artist such as performing,singing, producing , writing the following ;rnb,pop rock, aqusitic , hiphop,bluegrass inspirtional music. this broadend my field and extentionate my vocal abilty as well as writing and performing .Their are types of functions I like to do with a group of people when It comes to my subculture.Harmonizing with the people in my subclutre on the types f geners that I previously listed.I aslo love to perform with others in the same subculture as I which are making dance routines which is performing and having a combine writing seesion . I can recall a time when I sanged in my church choir and we all sanged a beatiful 4 part harmony song. the name of the song was called one of these mornings and the other song was called salvtion and glory. what was so sagnifansent about these piecses was the dynamics, range , power , and harmony of all blended voices mixed togther as one. It gave me chills tom the point it made me cry pieces like these are defintly medicine for my spirit.My passion is fullfilled every time I open my mouth singing with others.I also love the performing part bieng a music artist.Thier are the fancy well dressed cordinated apperance with a well put together choreogorphy. When the music sounds off every one is actively moving to the beat in a certain timing and giving speed.In the formations that wer e insturcted and put together ar e a sense of untiy and power .

Answer Day 6 Malcolm

The subculture I’m apart of is as of a skateboarding black kid. Not many African Americans skate board and I’m not looked down at anymore, but respected because I’m different. I not really into big cars and fancy rims, a lot of the thing stereotypically you would think I like. I’m into long boards, fat wheels and cool decks. This doesn’t mean that all my friends like skateboarding or can even skate, but I do it relaxes me, it’s something I wasn’t good at after my first try its something that doesn’t come naturally, to me. I’ve had to work and practice over and over again. As many times as I fell off and it hurt like hell I keep doing it. As many times as classmates laughed and made fun of me for not fitting in to the stereotypes of African American males I still rode it. I also belong to the subculture affectionately called a sneaker freak; I love shoes, different styles colors, brands, just not typical Air Forces and Jordan’s.

Day 6 Answer: Matt Singleton

I can’t recall ever wanting to express my voice through something. Nothing has ever felt that I had some kind of connection with any sort of object, whether it is something as big as a castle, or as small as a baseball. I feel like words get more done than objects. If I had something on my mind that needed getting out, I that I needed to express, to me, it feels much better to speak it. I can’t say I have ever tried to get a meaningful message out to society. I know society probably does need it, but I don’t think I have one, not yet anyways. As I grow older, and more experienced in the world, I believe I will have something to say. Perhaps it will be in some form other than words. Now that I think about it, I honestly hope I do. I think at some point my life will reach a point where I will looks at the deeper side of things, learn to care more about what is going on. I can honestly say that the difference between me now and just 9 months ago is of epic proportions. It was hard for me to care about much of anything that was going on in the outside world. I have learned today that I care much more, and I believe I will help, when the time comes. A message can only be heard if you your voice is loud enough, I literally just thought of that.

Answer Response Day 7-Ashley Eiland

A sub-culture I sort of belong to is Gramps Lil Champs home daycare, which is own by my mom. After school, everyday, I go home to do homework and afterwards I play games with the kids who attend the daycare. Sometimes I take them out to the park or we just walk to the store and talk about what they did while I was gone. I feel more comfortable around the kids, mainly because I have one of my own, which attends Gramps Lil Champs home daycare. Ever since I was little, I loved to be around kids. In April, every year, my family would take trips to Louisville, Mississippi for our annual family reunion. While my mom and aunts stayed over at hotels, I would stay at my aunts’ house with my younger cousins. We would stay up all hours of the night and talk about what has been going on with us throughout our separation from one another. Most of my little cousins look up to me in different ways. Some of them have even gone as far as to say that I’m their favorite. I have spent most of my time being around kids ever since I was young. Living in a house full of kids, everyday is a new surprise. My life never has a dull moment with the kids around. Kids are eye-openers of the world. They show us things that we wouldn’t see for ourselves by looking in the mirror or watching the news. 

Day 6, Amanda response

One of the things I feel is my sub-culture is sports. Swimming is my key to relieve all my stress and aggression that consumes most of my thoughts within my head. It takes a lot for me to lose control and not be able to maintain stability. At that moment I walk a nearby park districts within my neighborhood and swim. When I am extremely stressed out I begin to start swimming at a fast pace without stopping. As I swim I think of trying to run far away and walk through a place where I’ve never been to. Slowly I get at ease and then begin to rest. Swimming from breaststroke I reverse my position and simply lay flat on my back and float in the water. I think swimming is away I can realize everything that bothers me and it is a good tool to feel a sense of freedom from all my worries and feel refreshed.

Walter Day 6. answer to Amanda's question.


            Having the passion to do something brings a lot of tension and frustration to oneself. You get to the point were you have no idea if you can go on with it anymore or you begin to ask yourself if the passion you have is even worth it. Everyone has there own hobbies and enjoyments but only a few of these people stand out. These people that I refer to are those who want to make a change in their social life and others. These people are the ones who want to leave their mark in society, taking the risk of showing people who they are and what they want to show. Look at hip-hop who ever took out this culture or the people involved in this made a huge and I mean huge impact in everyone’s life from the breakers to the turntable’s and graffiti and don’t forget the Mc four elements creating something new.

            I myself have always wanted to establish the inner voice I have and show my passion to those who don’t know who I am. I have always wanted to show people my photography I have been on the journey for that one perfect image that will give girls that orgasm and the guys the DAMM SNAP! But what ever that passion is people wanting to leave their mark in the world takes time. At the moment I have nothing that will contribute leaving the world in amazed. For now I am in the journey to find that establishment of WOW!

i wanna be a writer Darius M

I have always wonder how will people remember I would like to be remember as a kind person smart am well rounded an I would riley love to be remembered for my work as a writer of poetry music an story so I got 2 thinking what if I use me imagination an it truly is a gift I have performed my poems in tow slams in two years an one poem at a consort I have performed raps as well its not was cool I have the energy for it just not the love but I love writing both so I have decided to just write them I get to make my mark an make money so that’s how I plan to leave my stake  

Taylor Cole: Answer to Matt

I really wouldn’t say I belong to any sub-culture, but if I had I would say I belong to a rock/sports sub-culture. I am always on the look for new rock talent or the “next big thing”. Also check Chicago sports on a day to day basis to see what’s going on and know if I should look forward to the next season. Recently in terms of music I went to see a relatively unknown band from Australia called Airbourne. Needless to say they will be huge in the near future, if you don’t know who they are look them up on YouTube I highly recommend them. I also have another somewhat unknown band I am going to see on August 15th, they are from Ireland called The Answer. This will be the second time I see them. The first time was when they opened for ACDC back in October and I was amazed that a talent like them could go unnoticed for so long, again if you don’t know who they are YouTube them and you will not be disappointed. As far as my near religious Chicago sports monitoring the team I follow most is the Chicago Bears. I love football and everything about it, when I found out that the Bears had acquired all-pro quarterback Jay Cutler from Denver a couple months ago my excitement for this season jumped from about a 7 to off the charts. As far as baseball goes I like it until football season starts. to me baseball season ends when football season begins. 

Taylor Cole

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Aaron Patrick Flanagan

Day 6 Answer to Amanda Kevin Scott

We all have a passion for something in life that we want to achieve in our lives, and we want to talk about it but somewhere along the line we want to give up because someone around us or a love one tells us no or what should take place in our lives. I have been listening to hip-hop for years, around the age of 6 and the things that they talked about were drugs, cash, chains, and cars. I want to talk about the youth, family, finding that right person in your life, the things that matter and are the truth. I remember telling my cousins that I wanted to rap and I wrote a song and they laughed at me and said that I sucked. They are use to the street music, the usual. I think there is excuse me I know there is something new i can bring to the table that will speak a different message to our adults and the youth. For that stunt will bring press, critics and fans (whether they love me or not) I will be remembered.

Day 6 Question: Matt S.

one the certain activities this i like to do with a group of people is to be around an lot of people that all make music because i get to see music in another way by me being an rapper i love to hear other people rap you get to see how other person put he or she words together

Day 6 Question: Matt S.

nelson answer to matt day 7

My sub culture consists mostly of listening to different music like hip-hop to classical to emo.  My group have always been different, in my group it is one marine, a skateborder, a video-gamer, a writer, and a producer. The marine is my friend josh, he is very eager towards leaving to serve and is always the most courageous and brave person of the group. The skateboarder is my friend Anthony, one of the most unique yet influential people of the group because he always has different things to bring to the table of life that leads me to think differently.  The video-gamer is my friend Austin, he is the youngest but probably the one with the most potential to become smarter than all of us. He is a little lazy around the edges, but he is a quick learner and can be very clever at different instances.  The writer is myself, I see myself as more of the backbone of the group because I tend to push them to do what they feel is right. I also am the advice giver, and the ambitious one that came from nothing to something. The producer is my friend Anthony, but we refer to him as shorty on account of his lower advantage to growth.  He is probably the most ambitious out of all of us, he tends to focus on the larger objects and shoots straight to it.  He is the main aspect of how this group came to be since me and him were friends before I met the others and the others can say the same.  We all come together and have our own ways of enjoying the time spent together. Each of them make up our subculture and each of them has a big place in my heart, sometimes I tend to be a little more emotional than the others. I think it is because I come from a closer family where we always try to be involved in each others actions, but I equally love them all and I know they all love me as well.

when i younger i use to play the drums for my church . god i love it it was me my cousin james and my cousin mark . we were all around the same age and fight every day about who would play what .james being the oldest he would play the adult choir and mark would play the youth choir and me play the worship team which was kinda the worm up team god it was crazy . every sunday we talk about music all day every day . like the different models of drums , who could do what trick on the set who was the best who the fastest or worst . it was like a club . we always comparing each other work and thought about how we could get better we didnt even care about church.


Aaron Patrick Flanagan

Amanda's question

In the novel, Stranger than Fiction, three men have an ambition to build castles that would signify their legacy as a landmark in the world. Have you ever felt like you wanted to express your voice through something that can generate a message to society and have you remembered?

Kevin Scott day 6

nelson movie poster

Taylor Cole

Day 6 Question: Matt S.

Stranger than Fiction has many culture defining moments. A particular one I enjoyed reading was the Demolition Derby. A bunch of men who come together in costumes and supped up combines ready to destroy the other’s vehicle. It’s not out of anger or hate, but done completely for fun. The Demolition Derby can be defined as a sub-culture. Is there a sub-culture you belong to? Are there certain activities you like to do with a group of people? Whether it be skateboarder, sports jock, video gamer, or clubbing?

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