Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Answer Response Day 7-Ashley Eiland

A sub-culture I sort of belong to is Gramps Lil Champs home daycare, which is own by my mom. After school, everyday, I go home to do homework and afterwards I play games with the kids who attend the daycare. Sometimes I take them out to the park or we just walk to the store and talk about what they did while I was gone. I feel more comfortable around the kids, mainly because I have one of my own, which attends Gramps Lil Champs home daycare. Ever since I was little, I loved to be around kids. In April, every year, my family would take trips to Louisville, Mississippi for our annual family reunion. While my mom and aunts stayed over at hotels, I would stay at my aunts’ house with my younger cousins. We would stay up all hours of the night and talk about what has been going on with us throughout our separation from one another. Most of my little cousins look up to me in different ways. Some of them have even gone as far as to say that I’m their favorite. I have spent most of my time being around kids ever since I was young. Living in a house full of kids, everyday is a new surprise. My life never has a dull moment with the kids around. Kids are eye-openers of the world. They show us things that we wouldn’t see for ourselves by looking in the mirror or watching the news. 

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