Tuesday, July 28, 2009

nelson answer to matt day 7

My sub culture consists mostly of listening to different music like hip-hop to classical to emo.  My group have always been different, in my group it is one marine, a skateborder, a video-gamer, a writer, and a producer. The marine is my friend josh, he is very eager towards leaving to serve and is always the most courageous and brave person of the group. The skateboarder is my friend Anthony, one of the most unique yet influential people of the group because he always has different things to bring to the table of life that leads me to think differently.  The video-gamer is my friend Austin, he is the youngest but probably the one with the most potential to become smarter than all of us. He is a little lazy around the edges, but he is a quick learner and can be very clever at different instances.  The writer is myself, I see myself as more of the backbone of the group because I tend to push them to do what they feel is right. I also am the advice giver, and the ambitious one that came from nothing to something. The producer is my friend Anthony, but we refer to him as shorty on account of his lower advantage to growth.  He is probably the most ambitious out of all of us, he tends to focus on the larger objects and shoots straight to it.  He is the main aspect of how this group came to be since me and him were friends before I met the others and the others can say the same.  We all come together and have our own ways of enjoying the time spent together. Each of them make up our subculture and each of them has a big place in my heart, sometimes I tend to be a little more emotional than the others. I think it is because I come from a closer family where we always try to be involved in each others actions, but I equally love them all and I know they all love me as well.

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