Tuesday, July 28, 2009

day 6 answer kwamain

The sub culture I belong to is music artist culture,music artist such as performing,singing, producing , writing the following ;rnb,pop rock, aqusitic , hiphop,bluegrass inspirtional music. this broadend my field and extentionate my vocal abilty as well as writing and performing .Their are types of functions I like to do with a group of people when It comes to my subculture.Harmonizing with the people in my subclutre on the types f geners that I previously listed.I aslo love to perform with others in the same subculture as I which are making dance routines which is performing and having a combine writing seesion . I can recall a time when I sanged in my church choir and we all sanged a beatiful 4 part harmony song. the name of the song was called one of these mornings and the other song was called salvtion and glory. what was so sagnifansent about these piecses was the dynamics, range , power , and harmony of all blended voices mixed togther as one. It gave me chills tom the point it made me cry pieces like these are defintly medicine for my spirit.My passion is fullfilled every time I open my mouth singing with others.I also love the performing part bieng a music artist.Thier are the fancy well dressed cordinated apperance with a well put together choreogorphy. When the music sounds off every one is actively moving to the beat in a certain timing and giving speed.In the formations that wer e insturcted and put together ar e a sense of untiy and power .

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