Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Taylor Cole: Answer to Matt

I really wouldn’t say I belong to any sub-culture, but if I had I would say I belong to a rock/sports sub-culture. I am always on the look for new rock talent or the “next big thing”. Also check Chicago sports on a day to day basis to see what’s going on and know if I should look forward to the next season. Recently in terms of music I went to see a relatively unknown band from Australia called Airbourne. Needless to say they will be huge in the near future, if you don’t know who they are look them up on YouTube I highly recommend them. I also have another somewhat unknown band I am going to see on August 15th, they are from Ireland called The Answer. This will be the second time I see them. The first time was when they opened for ACDC back in October and I was amazed that a talent like them could go unnoticed for so long, again if you don’t know who they are YouTube them and you will not be disappointed. As far as my near religious Chicago sports monitoring the team I follow most is the Chicago Bears. I love football and everything about it, when I found out that the Bears had acquired all-pro quarterback Jay Cutler from Denver a couple months ago my excitement for this season jumped from about a 7 to off the charts. As far as baseball goes I like it until football season starts. to me baseball season ends when football season begins. 

Taylor Cole

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