Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 6 Answer: Matt Singleton

I can’t recall ever wanting to express my voice through something. Nothing has ever felt that I had some kind of connection with any sort of object, whether it is something as big as a castle, or as small as a baseball. I feel like words get more done than objects. If I had something on my mind that needed getting out, I that I needed to express, to me, it feels much better to speak it. I can’t say I have ever tried to get a meaningful message out to society. I know society probably does need it, but I don’t think I have one, not yet anyways. As I grow older, and more experienced in the world, I believe I will have something to say. Perhaps it will be in some form other than words. Now that I think about it, I honestly hope I do. I think at some point my life will reach a point where I will looks at the deeper side of things, learn to care more about what is going on. I can honestly say that the difference between me now and just 9 months ago is of epic proportions. It was hard for me to care about much of anything that was going on in the outside world. I have learned today that I care much more, and I believe I will help, when the time comes. A message can only be heard if you your voice is loud enough, I literally just thought of that.

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