Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Walter Day 6. answer to Amanda's question.


            Having the passion to do something brings a lot of tension and frustration to oneself. You get to the point were you have no idea if you can go on with it anymore or you begin to ask yourself if the passion you have is even worth it. Everyone has there own hobbies and enjoyments but only a few of these people stand out. These people that I refer to are those who want to make a change in their social life and others. These people are the ones who want to leave their mark in society, taking the risk of showing people who they are and what they want to show. Look at hip-hop who ever took out this culture or the people involved in this made a huge and I mean huge impact in everyone’s life from the breakers to the turntable’s and graffiti and don’t forget the Mc four elements creating something new.

            I myself have always wanted to establish the inner voice I have and show my passion to those who don’t know who I am. I have always wanted to show people my photography I have been on the journey for that one perfect image that will give girls that orgasm and the guys the DAMM SNAP! But what ever that passion is people wanting to leave their mark in the world takes time. At the moment I have nothing that will contribute leaving the world in amazed. For now I am in the journey to find that establishment of WOW!

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