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day 2 anser darius

I don’t think I have ever notes some thing missing from a text but I always I fill that their can be more their but that would be from my point of view when most things in the media hide the voice or out look of some one music to me is a way to get ur voice herd in it is a form of free exertion a way to be under stood or miss under stood witch ever one you prefer there are so many ways to express your self it just finding a way to do it in my book her mother protested to be herd she almost got in a lot of trouble for it    

Day 2 Kevin Scott answer to katrina

In this world a lot of things are hidden from us and it sometimes causes confusion as to why we do and say things we don’t mean. Some people have a choice and some don’t think they do. “Do the right thing” by spike Lee is a film that reminds me of people of all race coming together and to end the violence. In this movie blacks, whites, Asian, and Puerto Rico live amongst each other in the city of Brooklyn, New York. There is not a lot of order in this city 12% of the citizens are trying to do good and the other 88% are confused have been brought down and don’t know what the future holds for them. Everyone needs to realize that we live among each other now and have for many years, the whole racists game don’t matter how old you are is very childish and self – centered. All races are having children with the other race, that’s ok. There was a scene in the movie where a fight broke out at Sal’s pizzeria, and 2 young African Americans was upset because Sal did not have any African Americans up on his wall only Italians. There was a big commotion outside, between Sal and Radio Raheem and the police got there and tried to break up the fight and the police protected Sal and but radio was restrained by 8 policeman and one put him in a choke hold and he was choking and the policeman did not let go. In the grip of the policeman radio died as the policeman threw him to the ground. Then a war between the blacks and the police rang throughout the neighborhood, that is what made me upset, we need to change.

day 2 answer

I am from Kankakee Illinois but raised in Georgia until 2007.i moved back to my hometown Kankakee which I love no matter what anyone says as well as my other home to in Georgia. Kankakee isn’t a large city it’s a small town. I would have to say that the population their isn’t have of Chicago. To understand what I believe in you have to understand who I am as a person my identity. My life is rivaled around Christ.i take after his character by respecting his commandments and living them. In my life I display joy peace happiness love meekness and kindness. I defiantly believe that God created this earth and human beings. Those who choose to follow him are to reflect his works by dwelling in his own likeness. But I believe that the world is corrupt in their own characteristics because instead of thinking searching for ourselves some are convinced that the world was created by a cell or the world of science to me that is not right and doesn’t makes any sense. The big controversy is that science created the world. That’s where I become an outsider and I started to thigure out who I was my true identity. What made me believe because I’ve searched for myself and I also have had experiences that has truly made me an effective believer . this is where I see through the rehistoical lenses that makes me recognize my identity and separates me from the community I live in now.

Day 2 answer Malcolm

In Cleveland, Ohio the city isn’t specifically segregated but, the African Americans predominately inhabit the east and south side. Caucasians and Hispanics the west, having in common many things but the most noticeable is that we live in what has come to be known as the ghetto. Labeled as being the “rough” part of town, outsiders believe that the life in the ghetto is the same life portrayed in the movies and videos. When I moved this became evident because I didn’t move out to the far suburbs, only to the neighborhood right across the street from it. A neighborhood where the people ignored that it was right there. Even in the school system teacher opinions were biased and attempted to convince us that, this community and others like it where perfection. That these schools were better than there school, I was just shocked and amazed that for it only to be across the train tracks how could adults believe that that was true, and be able to teach this to children. I had classmates that had Range Rovers and Mercedes that felt that I was less of a person than them. It may have been because I drove a Chevy, because I wasn’t born in there community that I lived in an apartment, my sister I because my parents wanted a good education for us. Even still when I moved friends by my previous neighborhood felt that I would have that sort of attitude, because I was going to an area that was supposedly “better”. This experience revealed to me that as close or as far as two areas can be with differences and similarities neither is better just different. My comfort zone was that “ghetto’ those projects buildings, when I was taken out of my comfort zone I was forced to look through someone else’s eye, forming from that my opinion.

Day 2 Answer- Ashley Renee Eiland

Living in a 2 story family house with my grandmother, mother, sister, & I on the first floor. Living on the second floor were my aunt, uncle, and cousins. My sister and I are years apart from each other, age wise. So I would often find myself going upstairs to play and talk to my cousins, who are only a year or two older than me. My sister and I didn’t really have much in common growing up. The only time we would spend time together was in the summer when she would take me to carnivals or to the pool on those really hot days. In my own household, I felt like an outsider when it came to being with my sister. Going upstairs to my aunt’s house, I felt right at home. I could spend hours and hours at a time talking and playing with them. Now that we’re all grown, my sister and I tend to spend more time together, have gotten a lot closer to each other, and seem like we have a lot more in common with each other. We both have kids and they treat each other like more like sisters than cousins. However, my cousins and I have kind of drifted apart. Boyfriends come along, and school keeps us busy. It seems like the only thing we talk about now is jobs. We still get together from time to time and go bowling but we don’t hang out with each other as much as we used to anymore. I guess we’ve just grown into being our own person and doing our own things now. Regardless of it all, we’re still family and we still love each other.

Day 2 Nelson

I feel that the media tends to tell stories based on what is more attractive and eye catching. A certain situation especially sparks my mind when it comes to this type of passage. Hurricane Katrina was obviously a very devastating event that occurred in New Orleans.  Instead of turning this disaster into a victim type of story, the media turned it into a whole different picture.  When the citizens of New Orleans struggled to eat and live comfortably, they began taking extreme measures to complete those needs.  Instead of the media telling the truth and explaining that the citizens were only doing what any normal human bean would do, they wrote that the citizens were looting and committing acts that society looks down upon.  I feel that real life tragedies or any thing of that sort should only be based on nothing but the truth, and in some cases the only way to receive that truth is to get it from the victims themselves.  Media has a tendency to bend the truth from the insiders so that the outsiders can be more interested in a story that involves crime and chaotic actions.  The victims of the disaster and the media have no way of trying to make right of the story because the media is seen as more believable since its more convenient for the mind to understand.  Victims need more attention individually so the truth is not only spread, but it is understood to a further more direct way.

Day 2 Answer: Matt Singleton

Day 2 Answer: Matt Singleton I was born in Hyde Park, a relatively known area of Chicago. I was only there for a short time, so I don’t remember it at all really. We moved to the south suburbs shortly after I was born, to a place called Olympia Fields. It was a pretty carefree, easy life. My dad was a radiologist at Ravenswood Hospital on the north side of Chicago, and my mom was an Interior Designer with her own business. So as I said, life was good. Later down the line, my mom and dad had a divorce. It was particularly hard on my brothers and me, being fairly young at the time. Custody was split and we ended up doing a weekly thing until we were able to drive. I sometimes think that the divorce might have had hand in my individuality. Although it could be that I’m the middle child, but whatever the case, I honestly believe it’s helped me become a better man today. I love being different from most people. Usually people choose to be stereotypical and mark me as some black kid who probably speaks with a ghetto attitude and listens to rap music, when the interesting thing is, I speak my own way, with a mix of very proper English, and from what people tell me, deep slang from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, I do like rap music, but highly prefer rock over rap, and people are always surprised by that, and I always get a kick out of seeing their reactions. So, when it comes to life in general, I would probably describe myself as an outsider. I’m not like everyone else, and that’s one of the main things I like so much about myself. I’m quiet, I speak differently, I listen to different music, and I have piercings. I love being different from everyone else.

Day 2: Lola Ogbara

I have never really been a big fan of my community as a child because I’ve never stayed in one place for long. I dealt with living wherever I lived because I had no control. I envied other communities and cultures. Others can’t really tell by the way I speak if I’m from a certain area. In a way, it has made me the person I am today. From the music I listen to, the way I think, and the things I do. Chicago is where I lived most of my days. I’ve moved from the north side to the south side and all around the south suburbs. To southern Illinois when I finished the 8th grade and back to the south side when I finished high school. I believe I am a person with broad perceptions of life. Because of the places I have been, I am not set to one way of life. People are set in their own minds and have sterotypical views from their upbringing and I hope help open minds. I would like for my culture to think outside of the box and have broader horizon.

Who I am

Finding a sense of self can be a one of the most difficult endevors a person may go through, it is also one of the most important.  Being a young person just entering a college setting it is difficult to say exactly who I am, at this point I would have to say that there are few parts of me that are really engrained but the parts that are already are there permenantly. One of those aspects is the love for football. I love everything about it, the offensive schemes, defensive schemes, special teams schemes, and of course playing. I have been around football so long I could read an offense better than I can read a book. From the full house to the I, from the wildcat to the pole cat. It is probably one of the single most enjoyable things for me to do. As far as my personality goes there is only on part of me that I cannot see ever changing, the absolute hatred for people who think they can walk all over anybody with out reprecussion. I firmly believe you throw a rock at me i will throw one back just as hard if not harder. I will not stand for anyone thinking they are above me in any way shape or form. Something else I firmly believe in is that respect is something you earn no matter who you are, for no one is respect a god given right. If you want it you have to give it, thats what I believe.

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day 2 about katrina blog

Can you think of an example of a film, novel, t.v. show, song, photograph or any other text where the absence of something revealed some deeper meaning to you a time when i revealed something with a deeper meaning was i was reading the paper about an man getting killed i new york by the new york polices they did not tell the real story in the news paper they said he was an drug dealer but that was not the truth because he really was a hard working man the went to work ever he had kids that he will never see go to high school or on prom an thing like that he was on the phone the police stop him the phone dropped out his hand when he went to pick up the phone the polices shot over 50 spot in his car when did it take 50 shot to kill one man you think about it

Day 2 Walter

I am not the average type of Hispanic people are use to seeing well, I have a different way of extending believes in everything I witness, I am an activist; I believe things are wrong in my culture and should be fixed. I am a photographer; I see things with the third eye and witness the pros and cons in our lives and culture.

Growing up listening to Mexican music and eating beans and rice brought me to realize my true inner voice. I never experience racisms, maybe I have and I never mined why? What is the point of hating someone for reason or believes that your ancestors made up, knowing that they will always be there and will always live within your culture. I am a philosopher I think out side of the box, who aren’t we are all critical thinkers that create our own believes and subcultures. I dress what ever I want I never buy expensive things I never buy into the media, for what to be another puppet knowing that if I don’t buy clothes or some Nikes I am not part of the culture. I am an outsider and I am proud of it I am my unique person, I love hip-hop, metal, alternative. I am not the culture’s puppet look out the window you will see these puppets all with the same clothes and shoes. My culture is not what you believe it is I come from a background of cholos, Mexican revolutionaries, and low riders. Am I part of that no, I am my own revolutionary, I am not the cholo I am the guy that sits at the bus stop looking at his world FUCK UP. 

Day 2 Question: Katrina.

Sometimes what's not in a text (film, novel, photograph, song, etc.) can hold as much meaning as what is actually in the text. At times we may need to ask what is missing in order to arrive at a deeper understanding of a text and how it reflects its cultural background. For example, in an ad for the Marines I noticed that the ad was filled with men; women were missing from the ad. This told me a great deal about the cultural and social background of the Marines and who is considered an insider and who is considered an outsider within this culture. After seeing this ad I felt I was clearly an outsider within this culture. This same idea could be extended to Our America. On the cover of book LeAlan writes: "Many times, many ways in America, young African-Americans do not get to speak their piece." This suggests that LeAlan feels that the voice of young African-Americans is missing within American culture. If we agree with LeAlan, what does this omission, this lack of voice and representation, reveal about the insider/outsider relationship in America? Can you think of an example where the exclusion of something revealed a great deal about the insider/outsider relationship within the culture? Can you think of an example of a film, novel, t.v. show, song, photograph or any other text where the absence of something revealed some deeper meaning to you?

Day 2 Question: Aaron.

Your first blog assignment is tell us WHO YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE, as much as possible. How would you explain your sense of self, of identity, to another person. Go beyond simple likes and dislikes and phrases such as "I'm a very loving person." Think of this as a Cultural Autobiography of sorts. Yesterday Ames talked about Columbia as an institution that will allow and support all of you as you set out "to author the culture of our times." Try to tell us how you feel like you author, how you contribute to our culture, in important ways: music, a music scene, art, activism, community work, a blog, your job, etc. Also, try to tell us how you feel like our culture authors your own identity, your sense of self, in important ways: the language you speak everyday, the slang you use, the way you dress, who you hang out with, what products you buy, what movies and TV shows you watch, etc. Remember, we're trying to reflect complexity through writing that reflects a deep level of thinking on your part. Push yourself beyond average surface level statements. Surprise us.

Like all of your responses, please type a minimum of 250 words. Thanks!