Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 2 Nelson

I feel that the media tends to tell stories based on what is more attractive and eye catching. A certain situation especially sparks my mind when it comes to this type of passage. Hurricane Katrina was obviously a very devastating event that occurred in New Orleans.  Instead of turning this disaster into a victim type of story, the media turned it into a whole different picture.  When the citizens of New Orleans struggled to eat and live comfortably, they began taking extreme measures to complete those needs.  Instead of the media telling the truth and explaining that the citizens were only doing what any normal human bean would do, they wrote that the citizens were looting and committing acts that society looks down upon.  I feel that real life tragedies or any thing of that sort should only be based on nothing but the truth, and in some cases the only way to receive that truth is to get it from the victims themselves.  Media has a tendency to bend the truth from the insiders so that the outsiders can be more interested in a story that involves crime and chaotic actions.  The victims of the disaster and the media have no way of trying to make right of the story because the media is seen as more believable since its more convenient for the mind to understand.  Victims need more attention individually so the truth is not only spread, but it is understood to a further more direct way.

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