Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Who I am

Finding a sense of self can be a one of the most difficult endevors a person may go through, it is also one of the most important.  Being a young person just entering a college setting it is difficult to say exactly who I am, at this point I would have to say that there are few parts of me that are really engrained but the parts that are already are there permenantly. One of those aspects is the love for football. I love everything about it, the offensive schemes, defensive schemes, special teams schemes, and of course playing. I have been around football so long I could read an offense better than I can read a book. From the full house to the I, from the wildcat to the pole cat. It is probably one of the single most enjoyable things for me to do. As far as my personality goes there is only on part of me that I cannot see ever changing, the absolute hatred for people who think they can walk all over anybody with out reprecussion. I firmly believe you throw a rock at me i will throw one back just as hard if not harder. I will not stand for anyone thinking they are above me in any way shape or form. Something else I firmly believe in is that respect is something you earn no matter who you are, for no one is respect a god given right. If you want it you have to give it, thats what I believe.

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