Tuesday, July 21, 2009

day 2 answer

I am from Kankakee Illinois but raised in Georgia until 2007.i moved back to my hometown Kankakee which I love no matter what anyone says as well as my other home to in Georgia. Kankakee isn’t a large city it’s a small town. I would have to say that the population their isn’t have of Chicago. To understand what I believe in you have to understand who I am as a person my identity. My life is rivaled around Christ.i take after his character by respecting his commandments and living them. In my life I display joy peace happiness love meekness and kindness. I defiantly believe that God created this earth and human beings. Those who choose to follow him are to reflect his works by dwelling in his own likeness. But I believe that the world is corrupt in their own characteristics because instead of thinking searching for ourselves some are convinced that the world was created by a cell or the world of science to me that is not right and doesn’t makes any sense. The big controversy is that science created the world. That’s where I become an outsider and I started to thigure out who I was my true identity. What made me believe because I’ve searched for myself and I also have had experiences that has truly made me an effective believer . this is where I see through the rehistoical lenses that makes me recognize my identity and separates me from the community I live in now.

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