Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 2 Question: Aaron.

Your first blog assignment is tell us WHO YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE, as much as possible. How would you explain your sense of self, of identity, to another person. Go beyond simple likes and dislikes and phrases such as "I'm a very loving person." Think of this as a Cultural Autobiography of sorts. Yesterday Ames talked about Columbia as an institution that will allow and support all of you as you set out "to author the culture of our times." Try to tell us how you feel like you author, how you contribute to our culture, in important ways: music, a music scene, art, activism, community work, a blog, your job, etc. Also, try to tell us how you feel like our culture authors your own identity, your sense of self, in important ways: the language you speak everyday, the slang you use, the way you dress, who you hang out with, what products you buy, what movies and TV shows you watch, etc. Remember, we're trying to reflect complexity through writing that reflects a deep level of thinking on your part. Push yourself beyond average surface level statements. Surprise us.

Like all of your responses, please type a minimum of 250 words. Thanks!

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