Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 2 answer Malcolm

In Cleveland, Ohio the city isn’t specifically segregated but, the African Americans predominately inhabit the east and south side. Caucasians and Hispanics the west, having in common many things but the most noticeable is that we live in what has come to be known as the ghetto. Labeled as being the “rough” part of town, outsiders believe that the life in the ghetto is the same life portrayed in the movies and videos. When I moved this became evident because I didn’t move out to the far suburbs, only to the neighborhood right across the street from it. A neighborhood where the people ignored that it was right there. Even in the school system teacher opinions were biased and attempted to convince us that, this community and others like it where perfection. That these schools were better than there school, I was just shocked and amazed that for it only to be across the train tracks how could adults believe that that was true, and be able to teach this to children. I had classmates that had Range Rovers and Mercedes that felt that I was less of a person than them. It may have been because I drove a Chevy, because I wasn’t born in there community that I lived in an apartment, my sister I because my parents wanted a good education for us. Even still when I moved friends by my previous neighborhood felt that I would have that sort of attitude, because I was going to an area that was supposedly “better”. This experience revealed to me that as close or as far as two areas can be with differences and similarities neither is better just different. My comfort zone was that “ghetto’ those projects buildings, when I was taken out of my comfort zone I was forced to look through someone else’s eye, forming from that my opinion.

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