Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 2 Walter

I am not the average type of Hispanic people are use to seeing well, I have a different way of extending believes in everything I witness, I am an activist; I believe things are wrong in my culture and should be fixed. I am a photographer; I see things with the third eye and witness the pros and cons in our lives and culture.

Growing up listening to Mexican music and eating beans and rice brought me to realize my true inner voice. I never experience racisms, maybe I have and I never mined why? What is the point of hating someone for reason or believes that your ancestors made up, knowing that they will always be there and will always live within your culture. I am a philosopher I think out side of the box, who aren’t we are all critical thinkers that create our own believes and subcultures. I dress what ever I want I never buy expensive things I never buy into the media, for what to be another puppet knowing that if I don’t buy clothes or some Nikes I am not part of the culture. I am an outsider and I am proud of it I am my unique person, I love hip-hop, metal, alternative. I am not the culture’s puppet look out the window you will see these puppets all with the same clothes and shoes. My culture is not what you believe it is I come from a background of cholos, Mexican revolutionaries, and low riders. Am I part of that no, I am my own revolutionary, I am not the cholo I am the guy that sits at the bus stop looking at his world FUCK UP. 

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