Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Answer Day 6 Malcolm

The subculture I’m apart of is as of a skateboarding black kid. Not many African Americans skate board and I’m not looked down at anymore, but respected because I’m different. I not really into big cars and fancy rims, a lot of the thing stereotypically you would think I like. I’m into long boards, fat wheels and cool decks. This doesn’t mean that all my friends like skateboarding or can even skate, but I do it relaxes me, it’s something I wasn’t good at after my first try its something that doesn’t come naturally, to me. I’ve had to work and practice over and over again. As many times as I fell off and it hurt like hell I keep doing it. As many times as classmates laughed and made fun of me for not fitting in to the stereotypes of African American males I still rode it. I also belong to the subculture affectionately called a sneaker freak; I love shoes, different styles colors, brands, just not typical Air Forces and Jordan’s.

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