Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 9 Answer: Matt Singleton

There are a few people in my family I learn from almost every day. If they make wrong decisions in life, or if they make good decisions in life, I seem to learn a lesson each time. My uncle Leighton is the type of person who comes up with crazy half-assed get rich quick schemes. If you want to delve a little deeper, he gets involved with pyramid schemes too much for one person. The awful thing about it is he never learns his lesson. As many times as they’ve gone wrong, he always comes back with a brand new “this’ll get us our own island” program in a matter of months. What makes it even sadder is that he has great intentions. He only wants to help the whole family live a pampered life. The issue there is that no one wants his help. My family always says the same to thing to him each time he comes with a new solution, “just get a regular job”. He used to be a seriously good graphic designer, and artist. He had a great job, but just didn’t follow through with it. There are a lot of people who do make silly mistakes in my family. The grandmother who wasted all her savings and the uncle who is constantly “borrowing” cars from his own family are only a small amount of the craziness that is my family. Although, there the “smarter” folks in my family. Like my other aunt who is a destructive force in the real-estate industry. All of them have helped me learn a lot of lessons in my time. I’m already smart with the money I have. I know a pyramid scheme when I see one. And I’ll never “borrow” cars from my own family. Seeing their mistakes has helped me decide how my future will be. It’s helped me gain the intelligence it takes to live in the real world.

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