Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 9 Amanda's response:

In my senior year at Benito Juarez high school, I was involved in a program called “Chicago Bound: After school matters- Digital Photography”. I learned many techniques to improve on taking my photographs, such as try not to focus on using a blurred background, and incorporate my moral values into sceneries that I can consider to be a part of. I practiced trying to perfect my images by walking around the north and south side as well as the downtown area of Chicago taking as many pictures as I could with a digital camera. After taking some time to review the outcome of my photographs, I had taken two hundred and fifty. On average, forty percent of my pictures were not as good as the others. However, I managed to use many of those photographs for ASM, such project for a display at Midway airport. From time to time, I maintain to take portraits for my portfolio. Some of my pictures reviewed by former teachers, and instructors and I had received positive feedback. I think a good way to start off my career as a phtographer is to sell my photographs and through the process improve my skills and not rely on fame as a source of my happiness.

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