Monday, August 3, 2009

Malcolm's Question: Lola Ogbara

Being a teenager, there were plenty of times that I rebelled against my family, particularly my mother. She would ask me to come home around a certain time. Sometimes I came in at 1a.m the next morning.  There was one time when I was out with some friends and I experimented with marijuana. I came home high and as much as I tried to deny it, my mother still knew that I was up to no good. My mother tells her mother everything that happens in the household so this event was no different. I soon got a call from my grandmother the next day. She was disappointed in me for doing what I had done. Hearing this from my grandmother is different from hearing it from my mother. When it’s from grandma, it’s bad. I felt disappointed in myself. I felt like I had failed her because she faith in everything I did. Not saying that my mother didn’t but the impact was much greater from grandma being that I’m much closer to her. From that point on, I didn’t come home high. I tried my best to come home at a reasonable time. I spent less time with the friends I experienced marijuana with.  I learned from my mistakes so I tried to be more careful. The end result was that I got in less trouble with my parents.

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