Monday, August 3, 2009

Taylor's answer to malcolm

I have rebelled many time against my community of stuck up middle-upper class community because to be honest they are annoying and are always willing to cause problems with my family. The time that stuck out most to me was about two years ago on the fourth of July. My family wasn’t doing anything mildly illegal, not even shooting off fireworks. But my neighbors decided to file a noise complaint because of out stereo. The cops arrived and requested we turn it down due to a noise complaint. After I saw this happen I decided to act and act fast. So I wheeled out my Marshall half stack, pointed it at my neighbors house, turned it up all the way, and seeing as it was the fourth I got in the holiday spirit. I busted out a WAH pedal and played the Star-Spangled Banner as performed by Jimi Hendrix for the next two hours non-stop. Strange enough they didn’t call the cops then, my guess is that they figured how would they look calling in a noise complaint because someone was playing the national anthem too loud on the fourth of July. So naturally my rebellious nature over took the oppressive attitudes of a stuck up middle class community that always has it out to exclude and isolate my family in the community.

Taylor Cole

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