Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 9 answer to Malcolm quest. Kevin Scott

When I was younger growing up in on the west side of Chicago and the things i saw were the things my mom and teachers told me time and time not to do: (smoking and drinking alcohol.) Life is not fair sometimes so around 2006 my parents took a different turn in their lives, they went their separate ways and i took that very, very hard. I used to work in a job called apple bees and of course it's a bar and grill and my co workers smoked cigarettes and one night after work they invited me to a get together and there were drugs and alcohol there, I'm 18 and i never tried it. They were smoking and they my friend asked me did i want a hit and i said "cool". I felt bad because i had a feeling of cool and nervous at the same time because i had to go home that night too. The outcome of that would be my mother finding out when it was time for me to go home. It was something that i hope in my life i would never do but things happen, i try not to rebel against my parents we should respect their wishes, also if we live in their house.

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