Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 3: Amanda

The universe contains an image of diversity. At times, religion appears to be the most complex concept to understand moral and humane values. It was always in my genes that my ancestors where Catholic and so it was common sense right from my entrance in world I was pronounced Catholic. I read the bible and try understanding the “scared words of Christ.” I attended a Catholic school during middle school, and had no choice to take religion as part of the criteria. I engaged into conversations in my religion class, and at the same times I questioned the priest about the truth behind each chapter in the bible. I never fully developed an understanding until I grew up and started experiencing the world for myself rather than on the bible. A pattern of my behavior changed by the decisions I made, such as not attending church, defy my parent’s authority and explore my sexuality. Everything I did was like an experiment. I still do not know if this is exactly what I want. But I one thing I do know is no matter what anyone says I will continue to express myself in ways that make me feel comfortable.

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