Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DAY 3- Walter

One I have never experience anything like this, were my religion made me think or got me confused. However I have had questions that began popping in my own head making me wonder, that my own religion to me began to be not liars but seem to be stuck up. There is up to billons if I am mistaking maybe even trillions of people in this world. Each one having their own believes on their church and their very own religion.

There is the Muslims, Catholics, and the list just goes on. As people knowing this they begging to hate the other religion creating tension with believes, cultures and race. Why is this? I began to go to church and ask the priest why are we fallowing these rules and having this subculture of fallowing JESUS why? Why do we fallow the Ten Commandments what is the purpose of believing on someone that we don’t even know if he exists why? All these random questions began to pop in my head. If is true of god and his savior that he brought to earth why do we have to be loyal for all I know god (if he does really exist) seems like a cocky person to me making us bow down and worship the all mighty. As conclusion I got kick out of the church and I have not gone well in a long time. These questions in my head began to make me wonder why is religion so complicated and so hard to understand all we need to know is there is someone there who created us and gave us guide lines to fallow so there wont be chaos in the world. Lets say I am of the word religion, the word itself get me confused.


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