Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Answer to religion

When I was younger my parents found it very important to get me into religion, so they sent me to a religious education class from first grade through eighth grade. I never took well to it because I felt like it was being forced down my throat. I remember eventually as I learned more and more about it that it made no sense to me, I couldn’t and still don’t understand how a an all powerful and loving beining could exist. I was worried to ask because I was always told to not  question the religion in that manner so I was at a loss as to how to handle it. So how I handled it is after eighth grade it was my choice whether or not I wanted to continue, I elected not to continue. Then I went to a place where I could discuss these view points with out worry of offending an entire religion. I signed my self up for a philosophy of world religions class that summer and come my senior year I registered for philosophy of self knowledge at my high school. Both of those classes were highly beneficial to me. I was able to ask the question I couldn’t ask a priest. Those classes reinforced what I had believed that from a philosophical stand point it is one hundred percent impossible for an omnipotent benevolent being to exists due to the  definitions of those words. Since then I have not taken part in any form of religion.


Taylor Cole 

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  1. well i know what u mean by not being 2 ask thoes deep question but u gotta ask them for some weird reason i understood evey thing at church i am some what religest but if u have questions fill free 2 ask me