Wednesday, July 29, 2009

nelson answer day 7

Something that draws me away from my family is my usage of illegal substances.  Being a young teenager, I was peer pressured into trying marijuana. At first I really did not like it for the fact it was looked down upon by a higher, more upscale community.  After a while, I began looking at it as a part of me, which was around the time I finally began to accept it into my life. Since then, I have been a user for about 5 years. I myself see nothing wrong with that because it is almost as bad as a nicotine addiction but not as strong as something like a cocaine habit.  I am in control with the substance although; sometimes it draws me away from my family because I usually exclude them from my daily planner when it is on my schedule.  I usually use it in times of writing or hanging out with my friends.  We all feel very strong towards the substance turning legal one day and hope to be part of a movement, if one is proposed. My friend Anthony wrote a whole paper towards why it should be legal because in high school we had a class called legislation. We wrote laws and had to argue them in class like a debate and he actually had his bill passed to try to become a law (well in high school).  That was such an accomplishment due to the fact that bill had never been passed in the whole time of school. I feel that this substance draws me away from my family, but brings me closer to my friends and what I stand for in life.

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